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The yellow light proliferated outward in the form of a vortex, completely rejecting Chi Shanming's flames, yet his right fist was caught in a vice-like grip, rendering him unable to withdraw it.

In the next instant, the terrifying yellow light completely erupted. Yuanen Yehui stepped forward with her left foot, and eight soul rings rose up around her. There was no thunderous roar or eruption of aura; she did nothing more than thrust her right hand forward.

Earth was very effective for suppressing fire, so Yuanen Yehui's Titan Giant Ape martial soul had extremely potent fire resistance. On top of that, she was a pure strength-type Soul Master whose forte lay in melee combat.

Her terrifying strength was her forte, and this was something no one expected, considering her thin and frail-looking body.

Chi Shanming's flames began to burn with even greater intensity, but his right fist was forced all the way back to his chest by Yuanen Yehui's hand.

Not only was she able to attack using her Divine Cloudvortex Fists, she was also able to release powerful repulsive force to repel her enemy's power while using the internal vortex to gather her own power.

Tang Wulin was constantly improving, and his friends were also following in his footsteps.

The terrifying explosive power erupted in this instant, and a giant projection appeared behind Yuanen Yehui before vanishing in a flash.


The Flame Spirit was completely dispersed, and Chi Shanming felt as if a massive pillar had struck him square in the chest. A burst of sharp pain speared through his sternum, and he reflexively released his suit of battle armor to protect himself.

Even though he was already a Titled Douluo, he still didn't have enough soul refined metal for a suit of three-word battle armor, so his battle armor was still only at the two-word level.

In this dire situation, the battle armor had been automatically released to protect its wearer.

However, Yuanen Yehui wasn't going to give him a chance to stage a comeback. She abruptly drew back her right hand, pulling Chi Shanming toward her, then lowered her shoulder before ramming it directly toward Chi Shanming's chest.

At the same time, she clenched her right fist and unleashed her Divine Cloudvortex Fist down toward the ground below.

In the instant that Chi Shanming had released his suit of battle armor, his seventh soul ring had also lit up to unleash his Fire Elemental True Body.

Once his body transformed into fire elements, the effect that physical attacks had on him would be very limited.

However, as he unleashed his seventh soul skill, violent tremors suddenly erupted from underfoot, and his soul skill was abruptly cut off by a burst of fearsome rotational power.

Impossible! He can cut off my seventh soul skill?

Chi Shanming was astonished by this sudden turn of events. Right at this moment, Yuanen Yehui's shoulder struck his fiery chest in a vicious blow.


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