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Compared to his original style of battle, that simple punch that he had unleashed was already a clear improvement that heralded his rise to the top.

In the distance, Tang Wulin slowly clambered to his feet. At this moment, his entire body felt extremely heavy, as if there were a massive mountain weighing down upon his chest.

What dense soul power! This was probably what it actually felt like to be struck by a mountain!

He had faced many Limit Douluos in the past, including even quasigods like Infernal King Douluo Harosha, but this was the first time he had encountered one with such incredible strength.

This made him realize that his own strength was still far from reaching the peak.

His Golden Dragon King bloodline was fluctuating violently, as if it were under immense pressure, and even his 14th Golden Dragon King seal had become slightly cracked. This was the proud Golden Dragon King's instinctive response to being provoked.

This elderly man was at least a demigod, and he was most likely even more powerful than the Amorous Douluo and Heartless Douluo; perhaps his powers were comparable to those of the Boundless Ocean Douluo.

Tang Wulin began to make his way back to everyone else, and initially, his body was slightly hunched over. However, as he took one step after another, a peculiar scene began to unfold. A layer of golden light gradually rose up from his body before gradually glowing brighter and brighter, and during this process, his back gradually straightened as a determined look appeared in his eyes.

The middle-aged man's eyes widened upon seeing this. He had just been struck by the elderly man's immovable pillar, yet he was still able to walk and looked as if he hadn't even sustained any injuries.

He had no choice but to admit that he really was no match for this young man.

What was going on with the youngsters these days? Were they determined to upstage the older generation? What a bunch of freaks!

The elderly man looked on at Tang Wulin's approaching figure, and he nodded as he said, "Yuanen is very fortunate to have friends like you."

He very rarely praised anyone in his life, and his entourage were all stunned to hear this. It seemed that the last person that the elderly man praised was Yuanen Yehui's father, and that had happened several decades ago!

Ever since that event, the elderly man had never praised anyone else, nor did he ever smile again. However, he was now praising an outsider and involving Yuanen in his praise as well.

Yuanen Yehui was just as astonished to see this. In her memory, her grandfather had always been stubborn, dogmatic, and completely emotionless, to the extent that he didn't even seem human anymore.

Was this man really still her grandfather?

Of course, she had never been willing to admit that she had such a grandfather.

Finally, Tang Wulin returned to his original spot. At this point, golden scales had already appeared all over his body,

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