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A stir immediately ran through the spectators at the sight of these eight soul rings, and they became even more eager to watch this match unfold. Everyone wanted to see an evenly-matched battle between powerful beings, and they were especially interested to see if this Soul Douluo could upset Yu Longyue.

Tang Wulin remained standing on the spot as lightning began to flash around his body, but he didn't attack right away.

Ao Wuchang was quite elated to see this. The main trait of his martial soul was that the longer the battle dragged on, the more powerful it became.

His first soul ring flashed, and an inky-black door of light appeared right in front of him. A low roar rang out from within the door of light immediately following which a giant black wolf emerged from within.

The wolf was over six meters in length and was extremely tall with exaggerated, almost cartoonish muscles bulging all over its body. Its fur gave off a glossy sheen, and it was very apparent that it possessed immense explosive power.

After the giant wolf emerged, it didn't immediately attack Tang Wulin. Instead, it sprang off to the side and began to slowly circle around Tang Wulin, but its vicious eyes were fixed on his body the entire time, looking as if it could pounce at any moment.

After summoning this giant wolf, Ao Wuchang was instilled with a lot of confidence, and his second and third soul rings also lit up as two more doors of light appeared beside the first one. Immediately thereafter, two more identical giant wolves emerged, and they also began to stalk around Tang Wulin without immediately attacking him.

The three giant wolves formed a triangular formation with Tang Wulin at their center, letting loose strings of menacing snarls.

All of a sudden, a burst of chanting rang out. Ao Wuchang didn't know why Tang Wulin was adopting such a passive approach, but this played right into his hands. His seventh soul ring lit up as he continued to chant his incantation, and at the same time, a series of golden lines began to spread from beneath his feet, forming a formation with a diameter of over 10 meters.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly, and he could sense that the soundwaves released by Ao Wuchang's chanting were resonating with one another in a special way. These resonating soundwaves surged through the air, and they seemed to be calling out for something.

Ao Wuchang was watching Tang Wulin this entire time while he chanted his incantation, constantly preparing for a sudden attack from Tang Wulin.

However, Tang Wulin merely gestured for him to continue with a proud look on his face, displaying no intention to attack at all.

A cold look appeared in Ao Wuchang's eyes, and he was determined to make his opponent pay for his arrogance. Even though he was only a Soul Douluo, given sufficient time, he would be able to display Titled Douluo level power, and his opponent would sorely regret underestimating him.

At the same t

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