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There had been many integration processes during Tang Wulin's cultivation journey, and this was going to be a brand new one. It was a change that had taken place after he had experienced the elemental tribulations during his heavenly refinement.

After achieving heavenly refinement, Tang Wulin discovered that he was no longer just refining the metals, but also himself. The refinement process involved constantly stripping away the impurities while retaining the essence within his own body in order to make himself more powerful.

Ordinary Soul Masters were generally troubled by a lack of soul skills, but the exact opposite was true for Tang Wulin. With his Bluesilver Emperor, Golden Dragon King bloodline, and Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, he had a vast number of skills and abilities. On top of that, he now possessed a domain and powerful soul spirits that provided him with even more soul skills. All in all, he had several dozens of skills at his disposal.

With such a massive repertoire, how could he utilize it to perfection during battle? And how many of those skills would he be able to use in a battle?

This was something that Tang Wulin had been thinking about extensively in recent times.

As he gradually mastered Millennium White Clouds and Unpredictable Storm, he was made even more aware of the fact that having more soul skills wasn't exactly better. The key was to integrate himself with the laws of heaven and earth and resonate with those laws; only then would he be able to unleash more power.

A so-called god was actually just a living being who had mastered the laws of the universe to a certain extent. In other words, any living being who mastered a portion of the laws of the universe could be referred to as a god.

The laws that one mastered differed from person to person, and Tang Wulin was undergoing this process of mastery during the elemental tribulations he brought upon himself.

Through those tribulations, he was able to grasp the changes in the power of laws and constantly refine his own body.

Once he completed this integration process, he would be able to progress to the Hyper Douluo level.


"How did you lose? What did you feel during your match?" Qiangu Zhangting asked.

Standing before him was Ao Wuchang, and even now, his body was spasming slightly. His injuries had been treated by the healing system Soul Masters, but his body was still very numb, and with every few steps he took, he would have to stop and allow his body to spasm for a moment before he could continue onward.

"I, I'm not sure," Ao Wuchang stuttered, "At the time, I felt like everything around me had turned into lightning, and I reflexively tried to unleash my other soul skills, but I was already immobilized by then. The Wolf Emperor tried to protect me at the time, but its defenses were instantly destroyed, and I immediately blacked out after that."

Qiangu Zhangting's eyelids twitched upon hearing this, and

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