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Yuanen Zhentian's expression darkened slightly as he continued, "That night, the cries of alarm and the darkness elemental fluctuations alerted me from my slumber, and when I rushed to Tiandang, his entire body was already covered in blood. He was being chased by a demonic being, and I quickly stopped it in its tracks. However, just as I was about to kill it, Tiandang stopped me and begged me not to put an end to its life. After being knocked unconscious by me, the demon slowly reverted back to its human form, and it was revealed to be Ye Hui."

Yuanen Zhentian hadn't gone into much detail here, but one could certainly imagine his astonishment at the time.

"Only then was I made aware that Ye Hui was an Evil Soul Master with a Fallen Angel martial soul. The Fallen Angel was evil by nature, and had ties to a distant demonic plane. On top of that, they were very emotionally unstable, and upon losing control of their emotions, they would transform into a demon or summon demons into this plane. Tiandangimplored me to spare her, telling me that he was truly in love with Ye Hui, and that even though she possessed an evil martial soul, she had never truly harmed anyone.

"At the time, I truly believed him. After all, Tiandangwas my most beloved son, but in reality, how was it possible that Ye Hui had never harmed anyone? Tiandang'sinjuries had been dealt by none other than her! I've always regretted not killing Ye Hui right away on that night. Perhaps if I had done so then, it would've been easier for Tiandangto accept, and everything that happened next wouldn't have taken place."

Yuanen Yehui was about to flare up with rage again upon hearing this, but Tang Wulin held her in place.

Yuanen Zhentian continued, "I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. Despite my vehement objections, Tiandangrefused to listen to reason. He was emotionally quite vulnerable, but also very stubborn. In the end, my efforts proved to be fruitless, and Ye Hui managed to keep herself in check. Three years later, Tiandangbecame a Titled Douluo at 24, and during those three years, Ye Hui didn't relapse. Thus, I allowed them to be together. After reaching the Titled Douluo level, Tiandangtold me he wanted to marry Ye Hui.

"After careful consideration, I decided that I could only agree to this as at the time, Ye Hui was already pregnant with you. If it weren't for that, I would've definitely objected to their marriage. An uneventful period of time passed after that, and Tiandangcontinued to work hard in his cultivation, progressing very quickly. As opposed to the path of becoming an immovable pillar as I had chosen, he had chosen a path of guardianship to protect his family, his wife, his daughter, and everyone that he loved."

Tears began to well up in Yuanen Yehui's eyes at this point in the story. Even though her memories of her father were very limited, she could remember just how loving and benevolent he had been.

Yuanen Zhentian continued, "Yo

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