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"The match will begin right after the countdown of five seconds!"

A giant protective barrier rose up to isolate all energy and sound within the scope of the competition platform.

Thus, everything fell silent, and only then did Tang Wulin turn his gaze toward Li Weisi.

"I'm not sure what's happened to you, Your Majesty, but please allow me to apologize in advance as I won't be holding back due to your injuries; this is my way of showing respect to a powerful Titled Douluo like you." Li Weisi extended a slight bow toward Tang Wulin as he spoke.

This was a competition, not a battlefield, so he couldn't kill Tang Wulin. As such, if he were to offend Tang Wulin, then he could incur the wrath of the entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, which would result in catastrophic consequences for him. As such, he had wisely decided to deliver such a piece of dialogue to cover for himself.

Tang Wulin merely nodded in silence in response.

"Five, four, three, two, one, begin!"

The first match of the third group finally began.

A serious look instantly appeared on Tang Wulin's face, while Li Weisi raised a hand to summon a beautiful crystal ball.

The crystal ball was completely translucent with red, blue, and azure light flashing faintly within it.

The three types of lights were intertwining and pulsating in a rhythmic manner, as if they had life forces of their own. Eight soul rings then rose up around Li Weisi, consisting of two yellows, three purples, and three blacks.

His first soul ring lit up, and three-colored light surged out of the crystal ball, then instantly transformed into a dense white mist that permeated in all directions, giving Li Weisi's surroundings a dreamy appearance.

In the blink of an eye, Li Weisi's entire body was completely enshrouded within the dense mist, making it impossible for the spectators to see what soul skills he was unleashing.

The white mist quickly transformed into a giant tiger, which pounced directly toward Tang Wulin, and Ai Fei immediately offered his commentary. "As we can see here, Li Weisi has unleashed his martial soul and first soul skill from the get-go. This first soul skill of his appears to be one that doesn't possess offensive power, and is designed to confuse the opponent, as well as to protect himself. According to what we already know about Li Weisi, his first soul skill has the ability to keep out his opponent's spiritual power in order to maintain secrecy.

"From this, we can deduce that he's taking a conservative approach rather than striving for a quick victory, which should be a good strategy. Next, we'll see if Li Weisi will be able to control Yu Longyue and lull Yu Longyue into his rhythm. Under normal circumstances, I would think that this would be very unlikely, but Yu Longyue looks to be in very bad condition at the moment, so perhaps Li Weisi has some chances.

"Oh no, we have a bit of an issue on our hands; the mist has become too dense

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