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Yuanen Zhentian rose to his feet, then cast his gaze toward Yuanen Yehui. "Yuanen, we can't afford for the same tragedy to repeat itself, and in any case, you should come back and see your father. You are the only reason he's still alive. If it weren't for you, he would've most likely already..."

Yuanen Yehui's body was trembling slightly as she bit down on her lower lip and nodded in response. "I'll go back to see him."

Yuanen Zhentian heaved a long sigh before departing, and as Tang Wulin and the others returned to Lan Fuozi and Xie Xie, the latter immediately rushed over to the sobbing Yuanen Yehui before grabbing onto both of her hands.

"Everything will be alright; I'll be with you no matter what happens."

Yuanen Yehui nodded gently in response.

Tang Wulin said, "Xie Xie is right; we are one unified entity, so we face everything together. Don't think too much about this matter; we'll help you resolve this issue after the joust for a spouse event concludes."

At this moment, Yuanen Yehui's second uncle approached them and provided them with the Titan Giant Ape family's contact details.

He was currently a lot calmer than before, and he handed the contact details over to Yuanen Yehui on a piece of paper.

As Yuanen Yehui looked up at him, she couldn't help but think of her beautiful and kind aunt-in-law, and tears immediately began to well up in her eyes again.

"Did your grandfather tell you everything?" Yuanen Yehui's second uncle asked.

Yuanen Yehui nodded in response.

"From that day forth, I had changed my name to Yuanen Tianshang," Yuanen Yehui's second uncle said before departing.

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