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Lan Fuozi was just about to charge toward Tang Wulin again when a figure descended from above.

"Stop! No fighting in the Bright City Sports Stadium! If you have differences to settle, then go elsewhere to settle them!" An elderly man in a Spirit Pagoda uniform had positioned himself between the two of them, extending a hand toward each of them with a wary look in his eyes.

Both of them were very powerful, so if they insisted on fighting here, he would most likely struggle to stop them.

Tang Wulin withdrew his arm and raised his chin toward Lan Fuozi before departing.

Lan Fuozi gritted her teeth as she looked on at his departing figure, then stomped a foot down onto the ground with a resounding boom before also leaving.

Her voice then rang out beside Tang Wulin's ears. "Just you wait!"

Tang Wulin merely raised his index finger above his head and wagged it in a derisive manner.

Their clash had naturally been captured by the surveillance cameras within the venue, and the footage was quickly being broadcasted by all of the major media outlets to further fan the flames of the event's popularity.

Apparently, Lan Fuozi had once entered the Myriad Beast Plane together with Yu Longyue, and the two of them had somehow become enemies following that experience.

Lan Fuozi was at the Spirit Domain realm and was regarded as the most powerful seed in the fourth group, but neither he nor Yu Longyue were able to gain the upper hand during their clash.

All types of news stories and articles were being released about the incident, and many people were lamenting the fact that Tang Wulin and Lan Fuozi weren't in the same group, which meant that no clash would take place between them in the event unless new rules were introduced for the final 10.

Of course, if they wanted to progress to the final 10, then they had to emerge from their respective groups first and with three Titled Douluos, including Qiangu Zhangting, in Tang Wulin's group, it seemed that this task was going to be more difficult for him.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he departed from the stadium.

The round-robin stage was about to commence, there were some ticket resellers that had begun to appear in Bright City leading up to the matches. With all of the effort the Spirit Pagoda was pouring into the event's promotion, ticket prices remained extremely high.

At the same time, the Spirit Pagoda received news that the day of the round-robin stage's commencement would also be the day that the Myriad Beast Plane was opened. All Soul Masters who wanted to enter the Myriad Beast Plane would have to pay a certain fee, which was obviously a very steep price, but most of the young high-grade Soul Masters in Bright City would definitely have enough disposable income to splurge on something like this.

Each round of the round-robin stage would take five days to complete, so all participants would have five days of rest between rounds. As su

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