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His head was slightly lowered to prevent others from being able to see his expression as his eyes were currently filled with ecstasy.

He had finally succeeded!

After undergoing so many heavenly refinements and experiencing such immense pressure from Yuanen Zhentian, in addition to everything he had learned during his cultivation journey, as well as transcending so many elemental tribulations, he had finally combined all of his abilities for the very first time.

The "dragon" originated from the Golden Dragon King, while the "emperor" stemmed from his Bluesilver Emperor.

His Golden Dragon Roar, Bluesilver Golden Array, Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion, power of laws, Path of Regal Domination, and some other things that he couldn't fathom had finally integrated themselves into one single attack in that instant.

Restrict All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

Tang Wulin was throwing up blood not because he had overexerted himself. Instead, it was because he had restricted the attack as much as possible so that its full power wasn't unleashed. Otherwise, his opponent would most definitely be dead by now.

In the instant that the integration had taken place, both his dragon core and soul core had moved in unison, with his dragon core sinking downward, while his soul core rose up.

As he unleashed that almighty punch, his dragon core and soul core fused as one, and all of his spiritual power was also infused to integrate all three types of powers.

He had uttered the name of the attack one word after another not to show off, but because with every syllable that was enunciated, all of the power within his own body was being shaken up, and in the end, fully integrated.

Those four words had been formed in his mind in an instant, and everything had been so natural, as if it had been dictated by the laws of heaven and earth.

Only in the instant that Tang Wulin unleashed that punch did Tang Wulin realize where the pinnacle of Soul Masters lied; his objective wasn't to be able to use the power of laws, it was to break through these laws!

His cultivation rank hadn't changed at all, but in the aftermath of unleashing that attack, his powers had instantly evolved.

At this moment, he really wanted to face Yuanen Zhentian again and unleash this Dragon Emperor Breakin its entirety to see exactly how powerful it was. The attack was definitely far more powerful than the sum of all of his constituent powers.

On top of that, in contrast with all of the abilities that Tang Wulin had invented for himself in the past, he could clearly sense that this integrated attack would definitely become more powerful as his cultivation rank improved.

He had finally attained his first powerful ability that belonged solely to him, and this was his true path. Following his Titled Douluo breakthrough, his foundation had become slightly unstable, but he had finally managed to consolidate it once again.

He had no interest in watchin

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