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Before Ai Fei had a chance to consider anything else, Tang Wulin's hand had already clashed with the Northern Light Saber.

The power released in the instant the clash occurred struck everyone with an indescribable sensation. The first thing that all of the spectators saw was the blackness on the Northern Light Saber being shattered. As Tang Wulin's right hand grabbed onto the blade of the saber, it was as if the air had transformed into a massive cobweb as traces of blackness began to crumble away, and only then did the hand and blade come into contact with one another.

Purple light flashed within Tang Wulin's eyes, and bluish-purple lightning suddenly exploded in the palm of his right hand amid an explosive thunderclap.

Mu Tian also reacted very quickly to the situation, instantly withdrawing his martial soul, causing it to disappear from within Tang Wulin's grasp to evade the bombardment of lightning. At the same time, he instantly swiveled around, and as he did so, countless saber projections erupted out of his body, slashing directly toward Tang Wulin in a frenzy.

Right at this moment, the thunderclap rang out, eradicating all of the oncoming saber projections. Instead of descending onto the ground, Tang Wulin rushed forward diagonally, then performed a peculiar maneuver in mid-air.

In the blink of an eye, three Tang Wulins suddenly appeared, forming a triangular circuit in the air. Each Tang Wulin was situated at one corner of the triangle with their right hands thrust forward, releasing countless bolts of lightning to form a massive net. There was no way to predict the direction that the winding bolts of lightning were crashing toward, but Mu Tian was situated right at the very center of the triangle.

"Gu Yuena Lightning Triangular Circuit!" Ai Fei exclaimed. He was naturally aware of the mecha maneuver Tang Wulin had invented during the examination phase of the event. The maneuver had been officially recognized by the mecha pilot association, which had conducted in-depth analysis on just how difficult it would be for a mecha pilot to execute the maneuver. The most difficult part was that the mecha pilot had to withstand an enormous amount of instantaneous force, and under such tremendous strain, it was certainly no easy task to maintain such an exceptional level of accuracy.

However, Tang Wulin had performed the maneuver with his own body, even without having to rely on a mecha. It was difficult to say whether this was more difficult than performing the same maneuver with a mecha, but it was truly astonishing that he was able to attack while moving at such an incredible speed.

Mu Tian abruptly landed on the ground while a saber projection erupted into the heavens, and it was as if he had completely disappeared into the saber projection.

The scent of blood and steel on a battlefield wafted through the air, and the saber projection abruptly expanded just as the lightning struck, and the two intertwined a

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