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In the past, he would've been astonished by this, but following his ordeal in the Myriad Beast Plane, he could sense that this type of summoning had something to do with the Myriad Beast Plane. Soul beasts hadn't actually gone extinct.

At the very least, a small portion of them resided in the Myriad Beast Plane, and there was no lack of powerful beings among them. If all of these soul beasts were being raised by the Spirit Pagoda in the enclosure that was the Myriad Beast Plane, then the Spirit Pagoda would truly be a terrifying organization.

Three streaks of light flashed, and the first three giant wolves instantly fused into the formation as streaks of black light.

Immediately thereafter, a massive wolf that was over 10 meters in length emerged from the formation amid a thunderous roar.

This wolf's fur was also inky-black, but each and every strand of it gave off a crystalline appearance. It crouched down slightly, and an incredibly powerful aura immediately erupted from his body. A series of black halos proliferated outward from beneath its paws, leaving a series of demonic patterns on the ground.

This was a domain! A 100,000-year-old Wolf Emperor that possessed a domain was undoubtedly going to be more powerful than a normal 100,000-year-old soul beast.

The entire competition platform only had side lengths of 100 meters, so the emergence of such a gigantic wolf instantly made the available space on the platform very limited, leaving not much room for evasion.

Could it be that another Titled Douluo was going to be upset? All of the spectators looked on in a flabbergasted manner. In their eyes, the proud display being put on by Yu Longyue was one of unfounded arrogance.

What the hell was he doing? Did he have a death wish?

Ao Wuchang was standing above the Wolf Emperor's head with his eight inky-black soul rings shimmering around him, giving him an invincible, overbearing appearance. He looked down at Tang Wulin with a smug look in his eyes, and he was finally going to make Tang Wulin pay for his arrogance!

"Howl!" The Wolf Emperor howled, and all of its fur stood up on end like a series of black crystalline spears, following which it pounced directly toward Tang Wulin.

The attack was very simple, but due to the restricted area, there wasn't much space for Tang Wulin to take evasive measures.

The black domain beneath the Wolf Emperor's paws quickly spread, and a series of inky-black runes rose up from within it.

The Wolf Emperor's domain was known as Haunting of Vengeful Spirits! All of the living beings slain by the Wolf Emperor would become a part of its domain, and they would rise up as vengeful spirits to attack the Wolf Emperor's enemies while also enhancing its powers at the same time.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly let loose a thunderous dragon's roar, and arcs of blue lightning began to appear over his body, forming a bluish-golden light barrier.

The Wolf Emperor c

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