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Tang Wulin raised his chin toward Qiangu Zhangting, whereas the latter merely gave him a faint smile in a more refined display.

Even though Tang Wulin was in disguise, his adopted identity of Yu Longyue was also very handsome, and the two of them created a stark contrast in which an arrogant display was clashing with a refined demeanor.

Lan Fuozi was also appraising Tang Wulin, yet the fury in her eyes had been replaced by a rather peculiar expression.

After that, the group allotments continued, and there were some other instances of powerful beings allocated to the same group, but none quite as exciting as the Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting duo.

According to the information that had been prepared for Tang Wulin, there were 23 Titled Douluos, 56 Soul Douluos, and 21 Soul Sages among the final 100.

As such, the majority of the final 100 were comprised of Soul Douluos, while the 21 Soul Sages were all very lucky in that they didn't encounter any powerful opponents in the elimination stage. However, in the round-robin stage, they most likely had no chance of further progression.

There were four Titled Douluos in total in Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting's group, but the other two Titled Douluos were significantly older than them. This outcome fully convinced the general public that this was indeed a fair event. Even the Spirit Pagoda Chairman's grandson had been allocated to such a difficult group; how could anyone accuse the Spirit Pagoda of rigging the event?

Yu Longyue was the young master of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, so there was no way that he would accept a bribe from the Spirit Pagoda, and there were two other Titled Douluos in the group as well, so if Qiangu Zhangting could still progress to the final 10 under these circumstances, then no one would have anything to say.

"Thus concludes the ceremony. The round-robin stage will commence tomorrow, and one round will be held per day. There will be five matches per group per round, and the matches for two groups will take place each day, all in this venue."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. There were a total of 10 groups, which meant that it would take five days to complete a single round. In order for each member of each group to battle everyone else in their group once, there would have to be nine rounds per group, which meant that it would take 45 days to decide the final 10. It was the first time that he had encountered such a lengthy tournament format.

The Spirit Pagoda was undoubtedly doing this to attract more attention, as well as to advertise their Myriad Beast Plane.

Even Tang Wulin had to admit that the Myriad Beast Plane was indeed extremely alluring. It essentially did the same thing as the Spirit Ascension Plane, except one wouldn't have to slaughter soul beasts in the Myriad Beast Plane to reap the benefits, and there was no upper limit in the Myriad Beast Plane.

"Go back and rest; the first-round

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