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You can do that?

Lan Fuozi was a little slack-jawed as he stared at the radiant golden figure descending from above.

His battle armor seemed to be very complex and heavy, and it appeared to be different from normal suits of three-word battle armor.

At this moment, Tang Wulin wasn't in very good condition. There was blood flowing out of his mouth and nostrils, and both of his arms were trembling slightly; it was clear that he had been injured by the previous attack.

"Please forgive me for resorting to tricks, Senior," Tang Wulin said in a respectful manner.

The more Tang Wulin battled this elderly man, the more apparent it became just how fearsome he was.

Tang Wulin hadn't fought fire with fire to withstand that second attack. Instead, he had used some tricks to fool the elderly man.

His Dragon Moon Song battle armor coupled with his Golden Blood Dragon domain had raised his defensive prowess to its maximal extent, following which he had used his Time Reversal domain to speed up the elderly man's attack, thereby preventing him from switching to different attacks and successfully disrupting his rhythm.

In the instant that the elderly man's palm struck the Divine Atlas Spear and Golden Dragon Spear, he immediately sensed that Tang Wulin wasn't interested in a direct clash. Instead of being aimed upward, the pair of spears had been directed downward, and thus, the elderly man's attack had slammed Tang Wulin into the ground like a nail, and the earth had been used to nullify the terrifying force of the impact.

What Tang Wulin had done was maximize his own defensive prowess to transform himself into the most resolute nail.

A nail that clashed directly with a formidable force could easily snap, but if the tip of the nail were directed toward a piece of wood, then the nail would simply be driven into the material.

Tang Wulin had used this technique to nullify the power of the elderly man's attack, and as a result, he had been slammed over 100 meters into the ground before the force of the impact was finally exhausted.

This was why the elderly man had praised his craftiness, while he had apologized for resorting to tricks.

In any case, he had withstood this attack in the end.

In reality, even if a direct clash had taken place, Tang Wulin would've had some tricks up his sleeve as well. At the very least, for a powerful being of such an advanced age, the elderly man would definitely be fearful of his Millennium White Clouds.

However, this was Yuanen Yehui's grandfather! If he were to reduce the elderly man's lifespan using Millennium White Clouds, how was he supposed to answer to Yuanen Yehui? As such, he had chosen this method.

"This is the final attack!" The elderly man didn't waste any time. The fact of the matter was that Tang Wulin had withstood the attack, and as a man of his status, he certainly wasn't going to bicker over technicalities.

The elderly man clenched his palm into a fi

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