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He had always speculated that Yuanen Yehui had hailed from extraordinary origins, but he didn't think that her past would be so tragic. At the very least, his parents were still alive, but her mother...

Yuanen Yehui's breathing was slightly labored, and she wanted to issue a retort, but couldn't find the words to do so.

The Atlas Douluo had been involved in this matter, so Shrek Academy had to have kept records of this event. As such, she could verify this with the Holy Spirit Douluo and Light Dark Douluo to determine whether Yuanen Zhentian was lying.

However, she really didn't want to believe in all of this. In her memories, her mother was so kind and gentle, and the time she had spent as a child with her parents had been the happiest days of her life.

The tragedy of her childhood was exactly why she found it so hard to open herself up to others.

During holidays at Shrek Academy, everyone had families to return to, but she didn't. Without her mother, their family was no longer a family, and her father was a disabled man who had been imprisoned outside of her knowledge.

She had harbored all of this pain deep in her heart for so many years and never told anyone about it, and she had only gradually begun to open herself up to these friends with whom she had shared so many intimate experiences.

On top of that, Yuanen Zhentian's story made her understand that he was most likely trying to take her away due to the fact that she also possessed the Fallen Angel martial soul.

After a long silence, Yuanen Zhentian continued, "Ye Hui knew what had happened, so she gave us a recount of events after she awakened. The entire family was in uproar at the time, and according to the Atlas Douluo, she had already become a Titled Douluo, so there was no longer a way to restrict the demon's gate from opening again. In other words, she had already become the demon's gate; even if I had stripped her of her cultivation base, her body would've transformed into the demon's gate.

"Ye Hui was a very kind girl; I could see that she was full of reluctance to leave her family behind, but she paid no heed to her own safety, choosing instead to inquire the Atlas Douluo about what would happen if you also inherited the Fallen Angel martial soul. The Atlas Douluo had told us that before you became a Titled Douluo, there would be a way to seal the Fallen Angel martial soul, and shortly after receiving this answer, your mother suddenly committed suicide without telling anyone."

Tears were already streaming down Yuanen Yehui's face at this point. "Why? Why did it have to be like this? She didn't even tell me anything before she left!"

Yuanen Zhentian sighed, "There's no way a mother would be able to work up the resolve to kill herself after seeing her own child. Even more importantly, Tiandangwas extremely stubborn and was still deeply in love with her; if she had hesitated even in the slightest, he would've tried to protect her at all c

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