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Unbeknownst even to Tang Wulin himself, this type of ability integration was already very close to the change that Limit Douluos would undergo prior to making that final breakthrough. Even though he was nowhere near that level yet, the effect of this process was still very similar.

All of a sudden, an intriguing feeling welled up in his heart, rousing him from his deep meditative state.

In the instant that he opened his eyes, the first thing that he saw was the brightness outside his window. His bedside window faced the east, and at this moment, the sun was just beginning to rise.

Tang Wulin caught sight of a wisp of purple in the distance, and his pupils also turned purple as a relaxed feeling of comfort spread through his entire body.

Experiencing the nourishment from the purple qi, he exhaled, and the window was gently pushed open by his expulsion of breath. The pure and fresh air outside immediately surged into his room, nourishing his body and soul.

Everything in his field of view seemed to have become more vibrant and exuberant, and Tang Wulin was struck by how wonderful the world was.

A faint smile appeared on his face, and his arms naturally hung down by his sides. He rose to his feet and made his way over to the window, then laid a hand over the platinum dragon scale hanging in front of his neck, sensing her aura through the scale.

He was completely oblivious to what had happened in the outside world; all he knew was that he was in prime condition.

Trial of Five Gods, here I come!

The Star Luo Imperial Sports Stadium was already packed to the rafters, and all of its 100,000 seats had been completely occupied just to see a single match.

This one match could end in as little as one or two minutes, or perhaps stretch on for close to 20 minutes. Very rarely did battles between Soul Masters wear on for a long time. However, that still didn't stop everyone from buying expensive tickets to attend the match.

They were all very curious about what the legendary ancient Trial of Five Gods would entail.

The rostrum was also completely filled, and Dai Tianling and En Ci were both already in attendance. Aside from them, there was the Smiling Douluo, Hu Jie, who sat on the other side of Dai Tianling, while Dai Yueyan was sitting in the second row.

Prior to their match against Shrek's Six Monsters, he would've been completely convinced that this Trial of Five Gods was nothing more than a formality where Tang Wulin was going to be thoroughly embarrassed, but following that match, he had changed his mind.

All of Shrek's Six Monsters had made such drastic improvements; how could Tang Wulin have failed to improve himself?

His decision to accept the Trial of Five Gods and to participate in all five matches regardless of the results were an indication of his supreme self-confidence. Dai Yueyan knew that he wouldn't be able to muster up that level of courage. If he were in Tang Wulin's place, there

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