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However, could he really be forgiven for the heinous crime that he had committed?

A grim expression had appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he had also released his own martial soul.

A series of soul rings emerged from beneath his feet, and his greenish-golden and orange-golden soul rings were still as eye-catching as ever, but in the face of the nine red soul rings, they were rendered rather insipid.

Tang Wulin knew that Tong Yu was most likely going to be the most powerful opponent that he had ever faced, and he even suspected that his powers may have already surpassed those of En Ci.

The thunderous roar continued to echo throughout the entire stadium, but Tong Yu had already lowered his head again and focused his gaze on Tang Wulin. The scales on his face and his red and blue eyes were very unsettling to behold, and without uttering a single word, Tong Yu suddenly sprang into action.

The scales on his body abruptly expanded, and his stature also swelled to over three meters tall. He charged directly toward Tang Wulin with unstoppable might and those nine dazzling red soul rings revolved around him.

Tang Wulin could clearly see that there was five-colored light emanating from his body. The light was quite bright and piercing to behold, and what was quite strange was that the surrounding air had begun to twist and warp. There seemed to be five types of elements surging toward the five-colored light around Tong Yu, but even Tang Wulin was unable to identify what those five types of elements were.

Was this a domain? A spiritual domain? Was he a Limit Douluo?

These were the first thoughts that occurred to Tang Wulin. He knew that he would be facing an extremely powerful opponent during this battle, but he didn't think that he would be facing a Limit Douluo.

At his current cultivation rank, he had no chance at all against a Limit Douluo.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath to compose himself. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hold back at all today, and that this was going to be a battle of survival for him.

Instead of retreating, he took a step forward before stomping a foot heavily down onto the ground. Golden scales instantly surfaced all over his body, and he also rapidly grew to over three meters tall. This was his Golden Dragon Body!

A thunderous dragon's roar rang out, and his eight soul rings instantly switched to his six golden soul rings, following which the first, third, and fourth soul rings lit up in unison.

These soul rings corresponded with his Golden Dragon Body, Golden Dragon Roar, and Violent Golden Dragon Domain, respectively.

In the face of the Golden Dragon Roar, Tong Yu only faltered momentarily before continuing to rush toward Tang Wulin, seemingly having been affected by the attack to a very minimal degree.

Tang Wulin felt as if everything around him had suddenly congealed, making it impossible for him to even evade his opponent's attack. As such, he could only raise hi

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