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"Ahem, let's have some wine." Xie Xie cleared his throat in an apologetic manner, but there was nothing apologetic about the smirk on his face.

Two beams of bright light appeared on either side of the sports stadiums, and each beam of light illuminated a diameter of around 10 meters. A series of metallic clangs rang out as two mechas emerged from the resting areas, and they strode into the light, putting them on full display to the spectators.

Huang Zhengyang's mecha was of a dark azure color, and it was very streamlined and elegant. It was clad in layers of protective armor, but didn't seem to be maladroit or clumsy in the slightest. His mecha was around seven meters tall, and its upper body was slightly hunched over. Its legs were short and thick, and its upper body was longer in comparison. Its back was slightly arched like a prawn, and there was a giant scythe resting on its shoulder that was definitely longer than the height of the entire mecha. The long shaft of the scythe was being held in the mecha's right hand, and its blade was over four meters wide and flashing with a cold light.

The dark azure mecha gave off a very menacing appearance under the illumination of the beam of bright light, and as soon as it emerged, a burst of invisible killing intent began to emanate from it.

It was quite clear that this was a melee combat mecha.

As for Tang Wulin, his mecha was entirely black in color, and it was also around seven meters tall. The mecha had a very lithe and agile appearance, and it completely mimicked the form of a human body with a thin waist, wide back, and large arms. The mecha was also very streamlined, and it appeared to be black, but under the illumination of the light, there were traces of a faint blue color emanating from its surface.

This was a special type of color that was only applied to a special type of metal that had been used to construct the mecha. This type of blue was known as cavansite blue, and only under the illumination of bright light would it reveal a sapphire glow. During the night, it simply looked like a completely black mecha.

In terms of appearance, this mecha was clearly much more appealing to the vast majority of spectators, but the dark azure mecha across from it had left far too strong of an impression on all of the citizens of the Star Luo Empire due to its glorious past.

Prior to obtaining a divine-grade mecha, Huang Zhengyang had always used this mecha, and it had been the origin of his nickname of Scythe of Despair. This was the mecha that he had used for the longest period of time in his life, and he still used it regularly; it was virtually an extension of his own body.

Tang Wulin's mecha was wielding a long spear that was also of the cavansite blue color. Aside from that, he wasn't equipped with any other weapons, such as the heavy ion laser gun that Dai Yueyan had expected him to bring to this battle.

This was going to be a clash between melee combat mec

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