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Tang Wulin appeared to have completely lost his cool. In his desperation, Unpredictable Blue Emperor thrust its Blue Emperor Spear forward, targeting the opposing mecha's pilot room.

It seemed that he was taking a desperate leap of faith, and the final outcome would be decided by which side's attack would land first. A layer of golden scales had appeared over the surface of the Blue Emperor Spear, and it was giving off a powerful aura, but a faint smile appeared on Huang Zhengyang's face as he sat in his pilot room.

Was he planning to go for a kamikaze attack? Huang Zhengyang had been in this situation countless times in the past. He abruptly withdrew his Scythe of Despair, then clamped down onto the tip of the Blue Emperor Spear with the blade of the scythe just in the nick of time. At the same time, Reaper of Despair swiveled around slightly to evade the spear strike, and even though the spear still impaled its shoulder, the puncture was only around a foot deep, and had missed the pilot room.

The Scythe of Despair then clamped down even harder to completely jam the Blue Emperor Spear into place. At this point, his Reaper Scythe had already reached Unpredictable Blue Emperor's waist.

The surface of Unpredictable Blue Emperor took on a mirror-like quality again, and light flashed rapidly from its surface, but the Reaper Scythe still managed to slice into it.


Was this the end?

All of the spectators waited for the final outcome with bated breath, and some of them didn't even dare to look anymore.

Right at this moment, scintillating light abruptly erupted from the Blue Emperor Spear, and it thrust forward violently again while the blade of the Scythe of Despair that was clamping the spear into place was snapped in half.

Thus, the Blue Emperor Spear completely pierced through Reaper of Despair's shoulder, and at the same time, countless Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted out of Unpredictable Blue Emperor, then instantly wound themselves around Reaper of Despair before picking it up and slamming it into the ground.

Everything had taken place far too quickly, to the extent that some of the spectators hadn't even managed to identify who had seized the upper hand yet.

On the rostrum, Dai Yueyan had already risen to his feet and was staring at the competition platform with an intense unblinking gaze.

In the instant after Reaper of Despair crashed down onto the ground, the Blue Emperor Spear had already been withdrawn before being thrust forward again like lightning, stopping just short of the pilot room. It was quite clear that if he had intended to do so, he could’ve plunged his spear straight into the pilot room to end Huang Zhengyang's life.

A pin drop silence settled over the entire sports stadiums, and Dai Tianling's eyes widened with incredulity.

Huang Zhengyang had clearly gained the absolute upper hand during that final clash, yet he had lost?

"The Tang Sect Master wins the mecha

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