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Among Tang Wulin's soul spirits, it possessed the bloodline that was closest to the Golden Dragon King, and even though it hadn't been with Tang Wulin for as long as Goldsong had, it had still been heavily affected by the Golden Dragon King bloodline and was constantly evolving.

Its wings had become significantly larger than before, and there was now even a single giant horn on its head. Just from its appearance alone, even the most knowledgeable and experienced soul beast researcher most likely wouldn't be able to identify exactly what it was. Its appearance had truly stunned the entire venue.

It was simply way too massive! What kind of terrifying soul spirit was this?

Right as this colossal beast appeared, Goldsong found itself in a very perilous situation. The green figure flying toward it was too fast for it to evade, and it only had time to close its eyes before the oncoming streak of green light struck its eyelid.

Sharp pain speared through Goldsong's eye socket, and it let loose an agonized roar as its aura swelled drastically, and it unleashed its combination of dragon's might and Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion again.

As a result, the green streak of light was instantly repelled, but it then quickly swerved around as a green arrow of light that shot forth toward Goldsong again.

"That's a Demonic Greenbird!" Tang Wulin exclaimed.

However, this Demonic Greenbird was far more powerful than the one he and Gu Yuena had captured in the past. Its green body had already become transparent, making it look as if it had been carved out of translucent green jade, and it possessed such incredible speed and offensive prowess that even Goldsong's defensive capabilities were struggling to keep up.

This was a 100,000-year-old Demonic Greenbird soul ring, and it was also Zhang Geyang's final soul spirit. Among his four 100,000-year-old soul rings, three of them had been provided by the Azure Jade Phoenix, while the final stemmed from this Demonic Greenbird.

The ninth soul skill provided by the Demonic Greenbird wasn't extremely powerful, but it was a very practical life-saving ability. In contrast, Zhang Geyang placed much higher value on the offensive prowess of the Demonic Greenbird soul spirit.

Even though the Demonic Greenbird was very small, it was the bane of virtually all large soul beasts, and it was a truly fearsome killer in the soul beast world; even Great Beasts were extremely wary of it.

Even with its tiny mass, it was still posing a very substantial threat to Goldsong, and if it weren't for the fact that it possessed no actual body as a soul spirit, Goldsong would most likely be in an even more perilous situation.

The Demonic Greenbird's most prominent characteristic was its insane speed. It could easily break the sound barrier, and despite its diminutive body, it boasted incredible offensive prowess.

Meanwhile, the Infernal Flame Beast had already recovered after being knocked back b

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