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The Infernal Flame Beast didn't display any sign of weakness whatsoever and abruptly reared up again, following which a projection that was identical to the Infernal Flame Beast sprang forth through the air.

"Boom!" Powerful shockwaves surged through the air as golden and blue light erupted in all directions, and neither side was able to gain the upper hand.

The two bonded soul spirits clashed over and over again, leaving streaks of dazzling light in their wake.

The first feeling that all of the spectators were struck by was that this match was already worth the ticket price!

Soul spirits were extremely familiar entities to everyone, and the vast majority of people in the Star Luo Empire had seen soul spirits before. However, almost no one had seen such powerful soul spirits before!

This was more like a clash between a pair of ancient Great Beasts, and all of the spectators were thoroughly enraptured.

The vast majority of spectators didn't have the technical acumen to analyze the battle, but the spectacular display being put on by these two soul spirits was more than enough to ignite their excitement.

The golden dragon and blue beast engaged in one violent clash after another, and the two seemed to be evenly matched.

Tang Wulin was looking at Zhang Geyang from afar, and Zhang Geyang was also looking back at him. All of a sudden, Zhang Geyang's pupils contracted slightly as he could see purple light shimmering within Tang Wulin's eyes.

Is he going to use his Purple Demon Eyes to throw me off?

The rules of the match stipulated that only soul spirit were allowed to engage in the battle, but who could say anything if no one noticed the spiritual interference that Tang Wulin was about to exert.

Just as Zhang Geyang was being distracted by this, a burst of golden light suddenly erupted from Tang Wulin's body, following which a golden halo instantly encompassed the entire competition platform.

A thunderous dragon's roar also abruptly rang out, and this was none other than Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain!

In the instant that the golden halo appeared, a golden halo also erupted from Goldsong's body, and it instantly assimilated itself with the Violent Golden Dragon Domain unleashed by Tang Wulin.

Goldsong's body expanded drastically to 30 meters in length in the blink of an eye, and its eyes also quickly took on a crimson color.

"Boom!" The Infernal Flame Beast was lifted up by a strike from one of Goldsong's front paws, then struck by a vicious Golden Dragon Whips its Tail that sent it flying through the air.

He tricked me!

Zhang Geyang was furious! He had reacted a split-second slower than he otherwise would've as he had been distracted by the threat of Tang Wulin's Purple Demon Eyes, and Tang Wulin had taken full advantage of this opportunity to unleash this attack.

A burst of piercing blue flames abruptly rose up from Zhang Geyang's body, and the Infernal Flame Beast i

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