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En Ci said, "Let's wait and see if he can create another miracle."

Dai Yueyan was sitting right behind them, so he naturally heard En Ci's appraisal of Tang Wulin, and he was also very much looking forward to seeing whether Tang Wulin would be able to bring about another miracle.

Right at this moment, a pleasant male voice rang out within the sports stadium.

"The Trial of Five Gods was devised in ancient times in a generation of wars and heroes, and only the truly courageous would dare to accept such a stern challenge."

As this voice sounded throughout the entire venue, all of the chatter in the spectator stands quickly died down.

They knew that an introduction of the Trial of Five Gods was about to be made, so they all began to listen carefully.

"The Trial of Five Gods is known as such as it'll be a series of five peak matchups. The challenger will face five battles on five successive days, and they can't turn down any of the battles or they'll be denounced by everyone under the heavens. The side being challenged naturally holds an absolute advantage as they can send their most powerful beings in each of the five disciplines to participate in the trial, whereas the challenger can only compete on his own. If the challenger emerges as the final victor, they'll have the right to raise a condition.

"In ancient times, this condition would often be a truce of one year or even many years. Given enough respite, a country could entirely transform itself, so in the past, the challengers participating in the Trial of Five Gods would always be seen as the heroes of their respective nations, as well as the pillars of those nations. Success will undoubtedly cement their names in the history books, and on this day, the new Tang Sect Master will be replicating the Trial of Five Gods of ancient times, participating in a series of five battles that will be sure to make for spectacular viewing.

"As one of the most important sects in our empire, the Tang Sect has been constantly making significant contributions to our empire, and this Trial of Five Gods is being held to further strengthen the friendship between sect and empire, so let's all cheer on Sect Master Tang and celebrate this Trial of Five Gods. Regardless of the outcome, I'm sure this is going to a thrilling event."

The introduction was very simple and concise, and at the end, it was specifically reinforced that this was a friendly affair, while the status of the Tang Sect was also being elevated.

Even though the empire was using the Tang Sect, they still had to make sure that the empire and the Tang Sect remained on friendly terms. In terms of political maneuvers, the Star Luo Empire excelled far above the Dou Spirit Empire. In contrast, the Star Luo Empire was also more powerful and relied on the Tang Sect far less than the Dou Spirit Empire did.

"The first match that's going to be held today is the mecha battle! Mechas have become one of the most important

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