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The specks of light currently surging into the sports stadiums numbered in the billions, and they were all converging toward Tang Wulin and the Beautiful Silk Tulip.

When they entered the scope of Lighting Hell, a huge number of these specks of light were destroyed, but as more and more of them converged, even the Lightning Hell was unable to impede all of them, and they surged into Tang Wulin and the Beautiful Silk Tulip's bodies in massive waves.

The pink light radiating from the Beautiful Silk Tulip's body became brighter and brighter, as did the golden light around Goldsong's body.

Lightning Hell was still raging with devastating destructive power, and Goldsong's defenses were already about to be breached, but with the continued injection of energy it was receiving from the Beautiful Silk Tulip, it was beginning to hold its own, and a faint greenish-golden color had appeared over its golden scales.

The pink light around the Beautiful Silk Tulip also gradually turned into a greenish-golden color, and it began to radiate a vast natural aura.

Rich life force energy erupted from its body, and Lightning Hell began to waver. The flowing lightning plasma seemed to have been devoured and was quickly fading into nothingness.

"What the hell is going on?" Zhang Geyang's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets! His Infernal Lightning Vine had used Lightning Hell on countless occasions, but it was the first time that something like this had happened.

Just what kind of power could possibly nullify the Infernal Lightning Vine's insanely destructive power?

Lightning Dance! He immediately issued an instruction for the Infernal Lightning Vine to unleash another wave of attacks.

The Infernal Lightning Vine began to dance in mid-air, and streams of lightning plasma were being absorbed by it as it prepared to unleash its most powerful attack.

Right at this moment, the Beautiful Silk Tulip suddenly turned to the Infernal Lightning Vine with an intense expression, and yelled, "Do you still not understand?" At the same time, it raised its right hand and sent a beam of greenish-golden light raining down upon the Infernal Lightning Vine.

As opposed to harming the Infernal Lightning Vine, the greenish-golden light quickly healed the charred and blackened patches on the Infernal Lightning Vine's body, and its aura became even more powerful than before.

However, at the same time, the Infernal Lightning Vine suddenly stiffened, and even though it was still absorbing streams of lightning plasma, it seemed to have suddenly become very hesitant.

A sense of foreboding suddenly welled up in Zheng Geyang's heart upon seeing this. "What are you waiting for? Attack!"

At the same time, he instructed his Infernal Flame Beast to pounce toward the Beautiful Silk Tulip. The Infernal Lightning Vine had clearly been somehow affected by this Beautiful Silk Tulip, so his priority was to take care of this pesky soul spirit.

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