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In that instant, the world in the eyes of the spectators had become warped. This warping effect only lasted for an instant, but during that split second, they couldn't hear any sound, and all they could see were warped rays of light; it was as if they were in a dream.

They were then greeted by the sight of the giant golden dragon twisting around in a brilliant maneuver to evade the five-colored flames descending from above, then appeared beside the Five-elemental Qilin True Body before lashing out with its claws. The Golden Dragon King True Body held the upper hand both in terms of strength and in bloodline, so the Five-elemental Qilin was instantly sent flying.

The entire stadium had erupted into a frenzy; even the most average person in the spectator stands had sensed something just now. What had just happened? Was it a hallucination?

They had clearly witnessed the Golden Dragon King being struck by the Five-elemental True Flames, so how was it that not only had Tang Wulin evaded the Five-elemental True Flames, he had gained the upper hand as well?

On the rostrum and in the booths, at least 10 people rose to their feet in unison. They could barely believe their own eyes!

Even the steadfast Smiling Douluo was unable to control his own emotions, and cheered, "Nice!"

En Ci was looking on in a slightly slack-jawed manner, while Dai Tianling's expression was a mixture of relief and incredulity. What had just happened?

"Time reversal!" En Ci murmured to himself in a stunned manner.

In the air above, the luster radiating from the giant golden dragon's body clearly dimmed for an instant as it swatted the Five-elemental Qilin away, but the golden radiance then quickly returned.

That's right, in that dire situation, Tang Wulin had used his spiritual domain. With his Time Reversal, he was able to alter the time within a small scope, thereby allowing him to react in the instant right before he was struck by the Five-elemental True Flames.

Having evaded the Five-elemental True Flames, the subsequent attack unleashed by Tong Yu naturally didn't pose anywhere near as much of a threat.

This was the truly incredible part about the Time Reversal domain, and it was why the Smiling Douluo had been stunned when he discovered that Tang Wulin possessed such a domain.

At this moment, not only was Tong Yu stunned by Tang Wulin's abilities, Tang Wulin himself was just as astonished.

The Five-elemental Revolution domain that Tong Yu had unleashed was a complementary domain that could nullify virtually all control system soul skills. On top of that, it could drastically enhance his powers and affinity with five-elemental power. Most importantly of all, it was a spiritual domain!

This meant that Tong Yu had reached the Spirit Domain realm and had attained a spiritual domain. As such, his spiritual power wasn't inferior to Tang Wulin's, and he had most likely attained a spiritual domain prior to Tang Wulin, so his sp

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