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After returning to the headquarters, Tang Wulin retired to his room right away, citing a need to rest.

He took a moment to collect his thoughts, then began to review the soul spirit battle that had just taken place. It had been a very long time since he had last used the Son of Nature soul skill, and this was because it was extremely taxing on him. However, when he used it today, things were different.

As the vast number of energy particles surged into his body from the outside world, his own body seemed to have reciprocated with these particles. It was like breathing, except energy was being inhaled and exhaled rather than air.

The expenditure required to unleash the Son of Nature soul skill on this occasion was far less than he had expected, but the result had been just as potent. He had been able to force back Zhang Geyang so easily at the end of the battle as his body had been filled to the brim by the energy accumulated by the Son of Nature soul skill. With his immensely powerful physical constitution, his body had an incredible capacity for soul power, and Zhang Geyang was far from his peak condition, having just had two of his soul spirits destroyed, thereby further closing the power gap between the two of them.

This had been an extremely thrilling and satisfying battle for Tang Wulin, and he had gained a much better understanding of his Son of Nature soul skill. Perhaps this was due to the blessings of the plane, or perhaps it was due to the awakening of the seed of nature. In any case, it was definitely a good thing.

Unfortunately, it would still be very difficult to use Son of Nature in an actual battle as it required too much time to accumulate the power required to unleash the soul skill.

After sitting in silence for a while, Tang Wulin finally called out for the Beautiful Silk Tulip in his heart.

Light flashed, and the Beautiful Silk Tulip appeared before him with a faint smile. "You must have a lot of questions, my Lord. Here's the simple answer: you are the Son of Nature, so no plant in this world can oppose you. The Infernal Lightning Vine was oblivious to this, so I asked you to release your Son of Nature aura to convince it."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "I figured that out for myself; I'm just curious about how you convinced it to betray Zhang Geyang? For a soul spirit, the contract they enter with their Soul Master host is very important, and betrayal could result in dire consequences."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip nodded, and replied, "That is indeed true. Firstly, the Infernal Lightning Vine had absolute trust in you as you are the Son of Nature, the one chosen by the seed of life. This means you were chosen by nature and by all plants, so it has no reason to doubt you. As for why it made its decision so quickly, that's because it's bound by duty as a plant to protect you. Secondly, it's not happy with its former host."

"Oh? Does Zhang Geyang not treat it well? How could he not appreci

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