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She appeared to only be in her twenties, and it was truly remarkable that she had already attained her current level of power.

"Greetings, Vice-chairman Zhang," Gu Yuena greeted as she extended a slight bow.

The most high-ranked members of the Spirit Pagoda were the chairman, the two vice-chairmen, and the four spirit envoys. Gu Yuena was already part of that exclusive group, but her status still ranked slightly below that of Zhang Geyang.

At this point, Zhang Geyang had managed to force a smile on his own face, and he said, "No need for formalities, Spirit Envoy; I hope you had a smooth journey. Are there any instructions from the chairman?"

Gu Yuena shook her head in response. "The chairman has no instructions; I'm just here as part of my customary visit to the Dou Spirit Continent and Star Luo Continent following my induction as a spirit envoy."

Zhang Geyang knew that the headquarters would periodically send someone to visit the Spirit Pagoda branches on the other two continents, and the fact that she had been entrusted with this duty on this occasion meant that she was most likely going to climb even higher up the ranks in the future.

With Qiangu Dongfeng's personality, he was most likely going to occupy the position of chairman until the day he died, so it was very likely that she would take over Leng Yaozhu's position.

"I heard that you're Vice-chairwoman Leng's disciple?" Zhang Geyang asked.

"That's right, it's all thanks to my teacher that I've made it to where I am today," Gu Yuena replied while appraising Zhang Geyang.

Even though he had already disguised his emotions very well, with her spiritual power, she was still able to sense that he was full of rage and resentment.

Was it because of the Trial of Five Gods?

Gu Yuena had heard about the Trial of Five Gods as soon as she arrived in the Star Luo Empire, and she had been quite surprised that Tang Wulin was participating in this trial. There was no way that he would've publicized his presence in the Star Luo Empire by proposing something like this, so it was most likely the case that the empire had set him up. The Trial of Five Gods truly was a high-pressure event! But then again, Tang Wulin had always flourished in the face of adversity and excelled at making the impossible possible.

On the way here, she had watched Zhang Geyang and Tang Wulin's battle on the soul television in the car. As such, she was already aware that he had secured two consecutive victories in the Trial of Five Gods. He had developed even further, and he was improving at a rate that exceeded her lofty projections. He was truly different now!

Na'er's heart was filled with elation for him, but that elation was also tinged with a hint of bitterness. The more powerful he became, the greater the likelihood that he would become her enemy in the future. She was currently controlling Gu Yuena's body, so everything was fine, but once Gu Yue reawakened, she would be for

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