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Long Yue said in a heavy voice, "We'll leave it until after the Trial of Five Gods. We can accept defeat, but we won't accept an unfair sparring match."

Yue Zhengyu extended a hand toward him. "Perhaps we'll fight alongside one another as allies someday."

Long Yue faltered slightly upon hearing this. Yue Zhengyu was right! They were both members of the Tang Sect, and even though Long Yue was focusing more of his time and effort on his role in Monster Academy, there was certainly a chance that they could be allies someday.

"Zhengyu is right; maybe you'll become comrades in the future, and perhaps that day won't be too far in the future." The Smiling Douluo strode over to them, and he was very pleased to see the competitive looks in the eyes of these young individuals.

The younger generation was growing extremely quickly, and they were definitely going to be able to take the Tang Sect to greater heights. Both Tang Wulin and Long Yue were very likely to become Limit Douluos in the future, and there was a good chance that many of their companions would also reach that level someday.

Soul technology had indeed been constantly advancing, but the most powerful beings in the world were still more powerful than Godslayer missiles.

If the Tang Sect could have five Limit Douluos among its ranks someday...

Just the thought of it was getting Hu Jie very excited, and that scenario certainly wasn't very implausible. All of them were currently only in their twenties; what cultivation rank had he been back at the same age?

At the same time, he was also struck by a sense of dejection as he thought of his original sect. In contrast with the almighty entity that the Tang Sect had become, the Body Sect was in a far worse position. The Body Sect had once been the number one most powerful sect, ranked above even the Tang Sect, yet it was now nothing more than a second-rate sect. Soul Masters with bodily martial souls were very rare to begin within, and the cultivation methods of the Body Sect were too painful for the present-day youth to pursue, especially in this age of technology, and these were the key reasons behind the Body Sect's decline.

"How about we go out for a meal? It'll be my treat," Long Yue suggested.

Yue Zhengyu turned to Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan, both of whom were rather taken aback by this invitation. Xu Mi'er approached them with a smile, and said, "I wanted to ask you about the academy's current situation as well, so let's catch up over a meal. Star Luo City has many delicious traditional cuisines that can no longer be found in the federation."

"Yes, let's go!" Xu Lizhi was almost drooling at this suggestion.

Ye Xinglan rolled her eyes at him while Yuanen Yehui nodded in agreement. "Alright, we'll be in your care, then."

The Smiling Douluo rubbed his own round tummy, and said, "You can go on without me; an old man like me will only spoil the occasion. What I wouldn't give to be young again!"

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