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Tang Wulin took a step back just as she was about to poke his chest a second time, and he said, "Let's stick to the topic."

Ling Zichen pursed her lips in a disdainful manner. "What are you so scared of? Are you really a man? If you can steal Eternal Heaven for me, I'll even let you sleep with me!"

"Let's stick to the topic!" Tang Wulin repeated as his voice spiked up a few octaves. If it weren't for the fact that Ling Zichen was only an ordinary person, he really wanted to release his aura to intimidate this arrogant woman.

"Fine! Let me tell you this: my ancestors participated in the research and development of Eternal Heaven. It was the last godslayer missile to have ever been created, and many of the key technical components involved have already been lost to time, so even I only know a little bit about it. Do you know why such a small missile could possess so much destructive power?" That's because all uncommon metals contain some special substances, which we refer to as source. Source is the reason why uncommon metals are hard, and in essence, the process of forging is one that refines source; only at the soul refinement level of above can source be fundamentally changed.

"Godslayer missiles were proposed as a renowned scientist at the time had invented a way to extract the source of metals. Through this method, he was able to extract the more core energy of uncommon metals before purifying and compressing this energy. Source has very little mass; no more than one gram can be extracted from a cubic meter block of heavy silver. With sufficient source placed in the right sequences, the sources will undergo reactions with one another in a process known as source fusion, which can create extremely fearsome destructive power.

"A godslayer missile will contain a total of more than 50 kilograms of source, and once activated, the source fusion will produce extremely devastating power."

This was the first time Tang Wulin was hearing information about godslayer missiles, so he was very curious, and now that Ling Zichen was talking about her area of expertise, she was also appearing a bit more normal.

"Can you imagine how much uncommon metals are required to create a single godslayer missile? This is why only three have been created in history, and we're still suffering as a result in the form of resource shortages to this very day. Once the federation discovered that the creation of godslayer missiles was simply unsustainable, it was already too late, and the resources required to create three godslayer missiles had already been irreversibly altered. As a result, the federation banned all research into the sources of uncommon metals, but in my opinion, that's downright idiocy!

"There's nothing fundamentally wrong with researching source, and if done correctly, it can hugely benefit technological advancements. For example, I'm currently researching how to use source to create a positive circulation array, thereby allo

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