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As for the powers he attained from breaking his 12th Golden Dragon King seal and his breakthrough to the Soul Douluo level, cultivating those powers on their own was also an unfeasible option due to one issue or another. The power of the Golden Dragon King was too violent, so he wouldn't be able to unleash it to his heart's content in this submarine. Following some internal assessment, he gained a rough understanding that the sixth Golden Dragon King ability he had attained was most likely the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre that he had unleashed once before. This was a very powerful ability that could enhance all his powers.

As for his eighth soul skill, that had been provided by the Beautiful Silk Tulip, and he had integrated it during the past three days. However, just like the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, he was unable to unleash this soul skill here in the confinement of the submarine.

With that in mind, he slowly opened his eyes with a frustrated look on his face. What could he do? Three days had already passed, and he had only just completed a basic examination of the changes that had taken place within his body. He could sense that the things that Tang San had given him seemed to be able to play a role in fortifying the Golden Dragon King seals, making his last six seals noticeably more stable and resolute.

After that, he tried to assess his own bodily condition, but he simply didn't know where to start.

He jumped down from the bed and did some stretches. At the very least, his body had completely recovered. Continuing to think about this matter would only drive him further into a corner, so it was a good idea to go out for some exercise and for a change of mood. In the worst-case scenario, he would just have to solely cultivate his soul power to consolidate his new cultivation rank. At the same time, he could slowly experience the changes brought to him by his spiritual domain and new abilities. This would be rather slow and inefficient, but at the very least, it would circumvent the possibility of making any errors.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin became slightly more relaxed. He emerged from his cabin, and the first thing that he thought of was naturally to visit the cafeteria.

During his three days in seclusion, he hadn't eaten any food. Even though he was situated in a submarine, the environment around him was still rich with water elements as they were deep in the ocean. Furthermore, he could sense that ever since his Sea God father had appeared before him, his affinity with the ocean had noticeably improved. He didn't know whether this was an actual improvement or merely a placebic change, but he could feel it, nonetheless. With the nourishment from the water elements, he didn't need to eat, but as a veteran foodie, he had never been one to be able to resist the nagging of an empty stomach.

The cafeteria was quite large, but it wasn't yet mealtime, so it was completely empty, and the workers were bus

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