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Tang Wulin nodded with a grim expression. "The Holy Spirit Cult was able to destroy our Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect headquarters, and they definitely have the power to replicate these heinous feats here on the Star Luo Continent." He cast his gaze around the rear palace as he spoke, and it wasn't difficult to read between the lines and see what he was implying.

Dai Yueyan couldn't help but interject, "Aren't you being a little too pessimistic, Sect Master Tang? Even if the Holy Spirit Cult has infiltrated our empire, their main forces should still be in the Douluo Federation."

Tang Wulin replied, "It's much better to be safe than sorry. The Holy Spirit Cult benefits the most from chaos and destruction; can you expect me to believe that they played no role in instigating this war? According to the latest news, the federation has cut off its entire coastline from radar detection, and also began to monitor large areas of the coast. No one knows when the federal fleets will be deployed, so the situation is very urgent, and I implore you to make a decision quickly, Your Majesty."

He had already said everything he needed to say to Dai Yueyan the day before, and now, it was up to the emperor to make his decision, or to propose conditions for the Tang Sect to consider.

The Tang Sect was providing weapons, but it wasn't just a weaponry merchant; the main distinction was that the usage of these weapons had to be approved by the Tang Sect, and they had to be used only when necessary. This meant that they couldn't be used to instigate a war, and in order to enforce these regulations, all of the weapons had passcode locks that only the Tang Sect could unlock.

Thus, the Star Luo Empire was purchasing these weapons, but the usage rights weren't actually in their hands, and that was quite a heavy restriction. Otherwise, if the deal simply consisted of the Tang Sect selling power soul weapons with no strings attached, then both empires would've agreed in a heartbeat.

Dai Tianling appraised Tang Wulin with an intense gaze, and said, "Sect Master Tang, the conditions proposed by your Tang Sect are rather difficult for us to accept, but a potential war is imminent, and we really do need these weapons, so how about we make a bet?"

Dai Tianling maintained a smile as he spoke.

A bet? Tang Wulin was struck by a sense of absurdity upon hearing this. These words were being spoken by the ruler of a major empire, and the empire in question could be in great peril soon!

Despite what he was thinking, Tang Wulin's expression remained calm. "A bet? What would you like to bet, Your Majesty?"

Dai Tianling replied, "I'm sure you know which conditions our empire is reluctant to accept, so we'll make our bet based on that. If we lose, then we'll accept all of your conditions. On top of that, we'll throw in an additional 10% on top of the prices proposed by your Tang Sect. If we win, then you have to remove the restriction clause."


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