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If she had only seen him on his own, then she would've most likely thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her, but his friends were there as well! Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui... They were all there!

In that instant, she fell into an intense internal conflict and followed them in silence like a soulless husk.

Due to her special status, she had special privileges in the drill ground, so she was able to witness that sparring match.

He was different from before. His appearance hadn't changed, but his disposition was completely different. In the past, he had been a benevolent and motivated young man, but now, he was giving off the same sense of authority and gravity that her father did.

The change was simply far too massive, and even in the face of a being as powerful as the Smiling Douluo, he still remained as calm and immovable as a mountain.

The past Tang Wulin had left a strong impression in her heart, but the current Tang Wulin was tugging on her heartstrings in a completely different way.

In comparison to him, the young man who had just approached her wasn't even worth a second glance. He was by far the most exceptional character among men of his age.

However, falling in love with someone so exceptional seemed to be destined to be the greatest source of pain in her life. Thankfully, she wasn't by his side. Perhaps they were no longer together!

Dai Yun'er knew that this was perhaps her only chance.

"What do you intend to do?" Long Yue asked.

Dai Yun'er took a deep breath, as if she were mustering up all of her courage, and said, "I need you to do me a favor, Brother Long Yue. This is something that only you can help me with."

"Alright," Long Yue replied in a simple and direct manner.

"Aren't you going to ask what it is? What I'm asking you to do may go against your moral code," Dai Yun'er said as she bit down on her lower lip.

Long Yue shook his head in response. "When have I ever turned you down? You're my little sister; I can't refuse a request from you."

Tears began to flow from Dai Yun'er's eyes again as she threw herself into Long Yue's arms. "Thank you, Brother Long Yue."

Long Yue heaved an internal sigh and shook his head in a resigned manner as he thought about what kind of punishment he was going to receive for this hug. After learning that he was coming out to meet Yun'er, his other half had also followed him and was appraising their interaction from not far away! Dai Yun'er had well and truly screwed him over!


"What are you doing, Brother?" An energetic voice sounded from within the soul communicator. A faint smile appeared on Dai Yueyan's face. "When are you ever going to grow up? You still sound like a little boy."

"Haha, I wouldn't be me if I didn't sound like this; I'm the bundle of joy of our Eight Monster Kings! By the way, did you know that Shrek's Seven Monsters are here? What do you say? We've been cu

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