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Tang Wulin shook his head before pointing into the distance.

Only then did everyone recall that there was a metal ball that had been rolled into the drill ground. However, it was situated quite far away, and wasn't even inside the protective barrier, so they had automatically thought that it had nothing to do with what Tang Wulin wanted to show them.

With the protective barrier in the way, it was rather difficult to see the metal ball, but now that the shot had been fired, the protective barrier was withdrawn, and everyone finally caught a clear glimpse of the alloy ball.

The disdainful looks on the faces all of the imperial Soul Masters instantly stiffened, and they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

A huge hole with a diameter of over two meters had been blasted into the metal ball. Strangely enough, the wall that was not far behind the metal ball remained completely unscathed. It was as if the core of the metal had spontaneously melted on its own.

Dai Yueyan was quite stunned to see this, but he still didn't really understand.

"What is this meant to show me?" he asked.

"You don't get it?" Tang Wulin asked in a calm manner.

"I'm afraid not."

"Alright, there should be mecha pilots among your entourage, right? How about we get one of them to release their mecha and repeat that experiment?" Tang Wulin suggested.

Dai Yueyan waved a hand, and a middle-aged mecha pilot standing beside him immediately raised an arm. A halo of light erupted from the bracelet on his wrist, and a beam of light surged forth before materializing a black mecha out of thin air.

"Do you need me to participate in the experiment?" the mecha pilot asked.

Not only was Dai Yueyan completely perplexed, none of them had understood what exactly Tang Wulin was trying to show them.

Tang Wulin replied, "No need, just place something that you think is quite solid and hard in your mecha's pilot room, then activate its automatic defense system to release its protective barrier."

The mecha pilot was slightly hesitant. "Will this experiment damage my mecha?"

To any high-grade mecha pilot, their mechas were like their second lives, so they definitely didn't want their mecha to be harmed in any way.

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "It won't. If any damage is caused, I'll repay you by twofold."

Having received that promise from Tang Wulin, the mecha pilot didn't say anything further. He rose up into the pilot room of his black mecha and placed a chunk of uncommon metal in there, then activated its automatic defense system.

Once a mecha reached the black caliber, some simple functions could be completed remotely, such as protective barrier activation or opening and closing of the pilot room.

A slightly warped transparent protective barrier was released by the black mecha, and a content look appeared on the mecha pilot's face. Every high-grade mecha pilot made sure to painstakingly fine-tune their own mecha, so

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