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Shadow King Teng Teng rushed off to the side as an afterimage while Wind King Lin San followed closely behind Dai Yueyan like a shadow.

Hua Lantang's seventh soul ring lit up, and his body was also being illuminated by the enhancing lights of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda as he transformed into a massive wolf that was over four meters tall and over eight meters in length. His entire body was covered in battle armor and a suit of armor formed by dragon scales, and he charged forward at a speed that exceeded even that of Dai Yueyan.

The six of them were working together seamlessly and displayed the full extent of their power from the get-go.

Meanwhile, Shrek's Six Monsters had also sprung into action. Yuanen Yehui led the way, taking a large stride forward as her body instantly swelled drastically in size.

Dai Yueyan was already very imposing in his giant tiger form, but he was still dwarfed by Yuanen Yehui's Diamond Titan.

Her suit of earthy yellow battle armor instantly became as thick and heavy as a mountain, and a fearsome primordial aura erupted from her Titan Giant Ape True Body, which was over eight meters tall. The Titan Giant Ape looked straight ahead with a calm expression, then swung both fists through the air in unison, launching them toward both Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang at once.

Hua Lantang's Dragon Wolf True Body abruptly accelerated and sprang forth like lightning. A giant dragon seemed to have surfaced over his body, and flapped his wings vigorously, evading Yuanen Yehui's fist before crashing directly toward her chest as fast as lightning.

After attaining a martial soul true body, every single one of a Soul Master's attacks would become significantly more powerful than they had been in the past.

Hua Lantang had a vast wealth of battle experience, and he knew that in Tang Wulin's absence, Yuanen Yehui was undoubtedly going to be the core of Shrek's Six Monsters. If he could eliminate her from the battle or force her into retreat, then the rest of Shrek's Six Monsters would all be completely exposed.

Furthermore, Hua Lantang was also extremely confident in his own powers. With the enhancements provided by Ye Zhi, his powers would be close to those of a Soul Douluo, so he was confident that he would be able to force back even the most powerful of assault system Soul Sages.

These thoughts all flashed through his mind in an instant, and as he continued to hurtle through the air, he was already planning his next attack.

With Dai Yueyan assisting him from the side, there was no way that Yuanen Yehui would choose to take them on in a direct clash.

Just as he was thinking this, a burst of strange suction force suddenly appeared, and Hua Lantang was stunned to find that he was being led astray from his original course. He was forcibly drawn to the side, and the giant fist that he should've already evaded was suddenly right in front of him.

After a brief split-second of shock, Hua La

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