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However, following the passage of so many years and with the new responsibilities that had been placed on his shoulders, those comparatively trivial matters no longer mattered to Tang Wulin.

Long Yue was once his rival and target, but now, his target was truly the heavens. Up above in the heavens, his birth parents were still waiting for him to go and find them.

He had to become a Limit Douluo as soon as possible. Only by breaking through his limits could he gain access to the coordinates that would be required to find them.

The survival of his foster parents was all but assured, but at the same time, his connection with his birth parents had also been severed. However, as long as there was still hope, he would never give up.

The pilot room of the black mecha opened, and Long Yuxue jumped down in a graceful manner before striding over to Tang Wulin. Back when Tang Wulin had sought her out in the morning to prepare this experiment, she already knew that he was preparing to bluff Dai Yueyan, and from the looks of it, his plan had worked quite well. Then again, the heavy ion laser gun truly was a formidable weapon that had even managed to severely wound the likes of Bear Lord.

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "Thanks for your hard work."

Long Yuxue replied, "I'm glad to be of assistance."

Peculiar looks appeared on the faces of Shrek's Six Monsters upon hearing their exchange. Long Yuexue definitely wasn't the first woman after Gu Yuena to have fallen in love with Tang Wulin, and she most likely wasn't going to be the last one. Unfortunately for everyone else, Tang Wulin simply wasn't the promiscuous type, and they could only take pity on Long Yuxue.

"Go back and have a good rest, everyone. We're going to be meeting the emperor of the Star Luo Empire tomorrow, and that will be the most important part of our journey, so we have to make ample preparations."

The Star Luo Empire revered power above all else, so everyone was naturally aware of what Tang Wulin meant when he told them to make preparations. After staying on a submarine for so long, they were bored out of their minds, and the prospect of a battle was making them very excited.

"Sect Master, allow me to introduce to you the current situation and some of the important members of our Tang Sect; I'm sure that information will be helpful to your negotiations. I think there's a very good chance that the negotiation will go smoothly, so we need to prepare some other things in advance."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "If a war really does break out, then the Star Luo Empire will be the key. If the federation attacks the Dou Spirit Empire first, then the Star Luo Empire must provide them with reinforcements right away. If the Star Luo Empire is attacked first, then it must withstand the invasion, and in the best-case scenario, intimidate the federal army to the point of retreat. It is indeed time to make some preparations. Aside from the weapons that we brough

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