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It was him!

In the instant that the clashes between the two sides had commenced, Xie Xie had immediately vanished on the spot, and now, he was standing right where Ye Zhi had been standing before.

Ye Zhi was focusing wholeheartedly on enhancing her teammates, and she didn't even have a chance to evade before the light around her warped, and a sharp burst of pain forced her to cut off her support to her teammates. Thus, Shrek's Six Monsters was able to complete an instant come-from-behind victory. Was their teamwork really lacking? Of course not! Shrek's Seven Monsters would never allow their teamwork to grow rusty.


Lin San was sent flying, and Su Mu was eliminated.

Streaks of Dazzling Starlight descended from the heavens, striking the Monster Six Kings and completely immobilizing them.

Neither Yuanen Yehui nor Yue Zhengyu continued to attack. At this point in the match, the outcome was already as clear as day.

At the Soul Sage and Soul Douluo levels, battles were often decided in an instant, and this was certainly the case here.

No matter how much they were unwilling to accept defeat, the truth was right in front of their eyes, and the cheering spectators had instantly fallen silent.

The sudden turn of events left everyone reeling, and Long Yue's fists had balled up into tight fists as soon as he witnessed Xie Xie appearing behind Ye Zhi.

Had they lost due to complacency? No, it wasn't that simple. Protecting Ye Zhi was one of their top priorities, and the responsibility had fallen upon Su Mu's shoulders.

However, due to the immense pressure exerted on them by their opponents, they were unable to protect Ye Zhi properly in a critical moment, thereby resulting in this sudden defeat.

The teamwork of Shrek's Six Monsters had appeared to be rather incohesive during the match, but in the final instant where it mattered, they had sealed the deal in emphatic fashion. Furthermore, Long Yue could clearly sense that they hadn't even been fighting at their full power.

Were Shrek's Six Monsters already this powerful? Even if another rematch were held right away, and Long Yue participated as well, he knew that there was still no way they'd be able to secure victory.

What drew his attention the most was Yuanen Yehui. Her suit of three-word battle armor was essentially a moving impregnable fortress, and her offensive and defensive prowess, coupled with those simple-looking fist techniques, had allowed her to hold off Dai Yueyan, Hua Lantang, and Lin San. She had been the core that the rest of Shrek's Six Monsters had revolved around.

As the main control system Soul Master, Su Mu had played a very minimal role in this battle as he had to focus wholeheartedly on keeping Xu Xiaoyan's Dazzling Starlight at bay.

On top of that, thinking back, the starry night that Xu Xiaoyan had conjured up seemed to have encompassed Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Xu Lizhi as all of their attacks had come from a

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