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"Long Yue and the others are challenging us? They really are good friends, aren't they?" Xie Xie said with a hint of mockery in his voice.

The Smiling Douluo said, "The sect master is still in seclusion, so he won't be able to participate. After all, our priority is the Trial of Five Gods. If you want to accept their challenge, then wait until after the Trial of Five Gods."

Xie Xie turned to Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan. In Tang Wulin's absence, the two women were the ones who called the shots.

"There's no need for that, Your Majesty; we'll take them on without Wulin," Yuanen Yehui said.

The Smiling Douluo raised an eyebrow upon hearing this. "You'll fight them six-on-seven?"

Yuanen Yehui replied in a calm manner, "We're all members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, so the six of us will be enough."

"That's right, the six of us will be more than enough!" Xie Xie chuckled, "It's been a long time since we encountered any powerful opponents. Back when we last fought, Long Yue swatted me away like a fly, but we're no longer the same as we once were, and it's time to take revenge! Boss and Gu Yue had to carry us last time; we have to prove to them now that we no longer need to be carried!"

The Smiling Douluo turned to all of the other members of Shrek's Six Monsters, only to find that all of them wore the same relaxed and confident expressions.

"Among the Monster Eight Kings, Long Yue is already a Titled Douluo, and the Tiger King, Fox King, and Wind King are all Soul Douluos. Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi are also close to the Soul Douluo level, and only Teng Teng is lagging slightly behind them, but he's still a Soul Sage as well. They're all disciples of the Tang Sect as well, so I'm aware of their situation. Among the younger generation, they stand at the pinnacle of the Star Luo Empire, so don't get complacent. If you lose this sparring match, I'm concerned that it'll affect the sect master's mental state going into the Trial of Five Gods."

"Rest assured, Your Majesty; we know what we're doing." Ye Xinglan rose to her feet, and in the instant that she did so, a burst of enormous sword intent erupted from her body, and her eyes became as bright as stars. Even the Smiling Douluo involuntarily narrowed his eyes slightly in response. Was this... sword soul?

Due to how exceptional Tang Wulin was, they were constantly being overshadowed, but were they really as mediocre as their captain made them appear? Of course not. They were also part of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and they were truly the elite of the elite.

If the Eight Monster Kings stood at the pinnacle of the Star Luo Empire's younger generation, then the six of them were standing at the pinnacle of the entire Douluo Star's younger generation.

Soul power ranks alone were no longer clear indications of anything, and Shrek's Seven Monsters had never stopped advancing.

"Alright, I'm really looking forward to seeing your match," the Smiling Douluo said as a wide s

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