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In the face of the Golden Dragon Spear's devouring effect, all of the infernal creatures that were struck were virtually instantly reduced to dust. Due to the incredible speed of the Golden Dragon Spear, all that could be seen were wisps of white light flying out of the bodies of these infernal creatures, then flowing into the Golden Dragon Spear to reciprocate Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin advanced forward one step after another, thrusting his Golden Dragon Spear forward over and over again like lightning. He was like a golden porcupine, reducing all of the infernal creatures in his path to dust.

Right at this moment, an open area appeared before him, immediately following which he was struck by a sense of asphyxiation from a mountainous aura that descended upon him from above.

He didn't even need to look to know that one of the 12 cavaliers of death was confronting him.

The cavalier of death had a massive body, but it was extremely fast, and its shield was emanating a deathly grey light. The sinister monstrous head on the shield seemed to be thirsting for blood as it was held in front of the cavalier, crashing directly toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin raised his head as golden light erupted from his eyes. Instead of evading or retreating, a burst of golden light extended from beneath his feet, and he flapped his wings vigorously, launching himself forward like lightning with his Golden Dragon Spear pointed straight ahead.

"Ding!" A crisp clang rang out, and Tang Wulin was repelled up into the air, but the golden light that had extended from beneath his feet had temporarily immobilized the cavalier and also turned its suit of armor into a golden color.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but be stunned by the cavalier's defensive prowess and strength, which were not inferior by much even when compared to him.

One had to realize that his strength definitely outstripped that of the average Hyper Douluo, so for him to be repelled even after using his Path of Regal Domination was a testament to just how astonishing the cavalier's defensive prowess was.

Even the peerlessly sharp Golden Dragon Spear was only able to inflict a small hole that was around two inches deep onto the cavalier's shield.

Right at this moment, a burst of enormous pressure surged toward him from both sides, and two more cavaliers of death arrived.

As Harosha's primary target, Tang Wulin was instantly being targeted by three cavaliers of death.

Two giant swords whistled through the air to cut off all avenues of retreat and evasion for Tang Wulin, halos emerged from beneath the feet of all three cavaliers as they released their battle armor domains toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin's pupils abruptly contracted upon seeing this, and he immediately released his Golden Blood Dragon domain. A crimson-golden domain halo that contained what appeared to be a giant flower rose up from the ground, and a deranged dragon's roar rang out alongside it.

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