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"Thank heavens you came, Mother; we really would've been in a lot of trouble if it weren't for you." At this point, Tang Wulin had already regained his composure.

En Ci had also made his way over to them, and a hint of emotion flashed through his eyes at the sight of Yali.

He could still clearly recall that he had seen her once many years ago when he had challenged the legendary Atlas Douluo.

Back then, she was extremely stunning, and after so many years, her appearance hadn't changed at all. The only thing that was different about her was that she now had a more mature disposition. In contrast, he had become a wizened old man.

"Thank you for your assistance, Holy Spirit Douluo, and congratulations on becoming a Limit Douluo," En Ci said in a heartfelt manner.

If Yali hadn't made her timely arrival, it would've been extremely difficult for him and Hu Jie to protect Tang Wulin.

Not only was Harosha extremely powerful, his abilities were very unpredictable, thereby making them very difficult to guard against. Speed wasn't En Ci's forte, and his powers were inferior to those of Harosha, so Tang Wulin was truly in a lot of danger.

This was the capital city of the Star Luo Empire, and Tang Wulin had just successfully completed the Trial of Five Gods. If he were to die here, then the reputation of the Star Luo Empire would be permanently stained.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit Douluo had arrived in time, and her powers were clearly able to suppress the Infernal King Douluo, and that was what had forced him into retreat.

"You're far too kind, Holy Dragon Douluo." Yali gave him a nod in acknowledgment, but her attitude was clearly a little aloof. She did not have a very good impression of En Ci.

Right at this moment, Shrek’s Six Monsters hurriedly rushed over, and they were all looking rather disheveled.

"Are you alright, Boss? We were surrounded by a bunch of monsters just now. If we hadn't made preparations in advance, we would've been in a lot of trouble!"

"Don't worry, I'm fine," Tang Wulin reassured.

Thus, everyone returned to the Tang Sect headquarters, and En Ci accompanied them all the way into the headquarters before departing, in fear that Harosha would suddenly return to attack Tang Wulin again.

Following that ordeal, Tang Wulin's good mood from completing his mission had naturally completely faded. Tang Wulin asked his friends to go back and rest while he accompanied the Holy Spirit Douluo to her room.

Only now did Tang Wulin truly heave a sigh of relief.

Everyone was afraid of death, and he was no exception, especially when death had suddenly come knocking under such inexplicable circumstances.

Yali wore a grim expression as she said, "I always knew that the Holy Spirit Cult was very powerful, but I didn't think that they'd be able to recruit even the Infernal King Douluo. During the bombing, your godfather had to contain the explosion from that Godslayer missile while also f

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