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Tang Wulin asked, "What should we do now, Mother? If the war commences, won't the Infernal King Douluo pose a threat to the entire Star Luo Empire?"

Yali shook her head in response. "I know a thing or two about the Infernal King Douluo; unless it's for cultivation purposes, he had no interest in killing. On top of that, at his level, killing normal people is completely pointless to him. He won't stoop to something like that, and he definitely won't participate in this war. I'm confident that even the Holy Spirit Cult can't fully control a powerful being of his caliber; there can only be a collaborative relationship between them. He came after you today as your emergence and the rate of your progression could mean that you'll disrupt his plans to become a true god in the future, which is why he stooped to attacking a junior. Otherwise, with his pride, he would've definitely waited for you to fully develop.

"However, this also entails that they could've really already found the path to godhood, which is why the Infernal King Douluo was so willing to come after you at their behest."

Tang Wulin couldn't help but ask, "What could that path possibly be? No one has attained godhood in the past 10,000 years, and the Divine Realm is gone; how are they going to become gods?"

Yali replied in a grim voice, "No one knows for sure whether the Divine Realm has actually disappeared. Besides, perhaps they've found another way."

Tang Wulin naturally couldn't tell her that his birth parents had told him that the Divine Realm had been swept away by space-time turbulence, but Yali's words had reminded him of something, but it was a rather vague concept that he couldn't quite grasp.

The Holy Spirit Cult had suddenly appeared during the past few years to destroy Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. Getting their hands on Godslayer missiles definitely wouldn't have been easy, so this couldn't have just been an act of revenge. What else could it be?

Also, the Spirit Pagoda was supposed to be the sanctuary of all Soul Masters, yet they were colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult; what did they stand to gain from this?

If their ultimate objective was to become gods, then many things could be explained, but how were they going to achieve that objective?

Tang Wulin fell into deep thought.

A benevolent smile appeared on Yali's face as she appraised Tang Wulin. She was far older than she appeared, and having experienced so many things, nothing was more important to her than to have a loved one by her side, one that she could call her son. To her, assisting Tang Wulin was her most important duty.

Right at this moment, a flash of heat surged through Tang Wulin's body to cut off his train of thought, and he asked, "Did your intervention in that battle affect your metamorphosis?"

Yali shook her head in response. "I've already completed the elementary stage of my metamorphosis; after that, it's only a matter of time. Seeing as you've compl

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