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This was a truly wonderful feeling. He could sense that if he were to cultivate in the sea, he would benefit far more than from normal cultivation.

Through his connection with the sea, he was also gaining a better grasp on the two powerful techniques that his father had bestowed upon him, particularly the second one, which was a spatial technique that emulated part of the ocean's power.

Xie Xie could only sense that he was rising upward at a rapid speed, and this was quite a peculiar feeling. In particular, as the surface of the ocean drew closer and closer, the surrounding sea began to light up, presenting a sight that was more spectacular than any scenery.

"Boss, where's our submarine?" Xie Xie asked.

Tang Wulin replied, "It's still waiting for us deep in the ocean. Let it wait there for now; I have another way to delay the federal fleet."

"What are you going to do?" Xie Xie asked.

Tang Wulin replied, "Just wait and see. I can't be sure that it's going to succeed, but there should be a good chance."

At this point, the surrounding area had brightened significantly, and they were about to reach the surface of the ocean soon. Tang Wulin knew that the moment of truth was coming. Even as the son of the Sea God, he wouldn't be able to trigger the change that he wanted to see if he didn't have enough physical tolerance.

The duration of time that he would be able to affect the federal fleet would depend on how long he could persist.

The sea parted, and a pillar of water carried Tang Wulin and Xie Xie to the surface. Blue light rippled, and it was as if Tang Wulin had sprouted out of the ocean.

The conditions were currently very placid with blue skies stretching as far as the eyes could see.

The two of them were currently situated around 30 nautical miles away from the federal fleet, which was already within the detection range of the fleet's radars. However, there was currently a light barrier formed by seawater around Tang Wulin and Xie Xie, and the barrier was very thin, but it was able to prevent them from being detected by the radars.

This was the power of nature.

Tang Wulin turned to Xie Xie, and said, "No matter what happens, stay quiet and don't stray away from me."

"You got it," Xie Xie said as he made a zipping motion over his own mouth before throwing away the figurative key.

Tang Wulin smiled as he looked up into the sky, and said, "Begin."

He slowly raised his right hand to point up into the heavens, and the golden trident symbol on his forehead instantly began to release dazzling light.

The sea around Tang Wulin began to churn violently, and enormous waves suddenly began to appear over the surface of the placid ocean.

Xie Xie could clearly see that there were countless faint blue specks of light rising up into the air from these violent waves. Due to how diminutive these specks of light were, they were only visible to Tang Wulin and Xie Xie.

The sea continued to

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