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Another rumbling thunderclap rang out, and the entire sky was instantly illuminated into a dark purple color.

All of a sudden, a pillar of water suddenly rose up into the air, instantly plunging into the dark clouds up above to connect the ocean and the dark clouds.

Chen Xinjie was greatly alarmed to see this. This was a cyclone that was brewing over the ocean, otherwise known as a waterspout. They were extremely rare, but possessed extremely potent destructive power of both wind and water.

Even more damning was the psychological impact of witnessing such a devastating natural phenomenon.

Immediately thereafter, another waterspout appeared, followed by another, then one more, and in what seemed like the blink of an eye, at least several dozens of waterspouts had appeared around the fleet. The entire ocean had been stirred up into a violent frenzy, and waves were rising to over 100 meters tall, as if they were being drawn upward by the heavens.

The entire fleet was being tossed around violently, but thankfully, all of the ships were interconnected to form a massive structure that managed to maintain temporary stability even in the face of such fearsome conditions.

Chen Xinjie's expression had already darkened significantly at this point, and he was issuing one order after another. Human technology was able to destroy the power of nature, but not control it, and the ocean was undoubtedly the most enormous source of power in nature, so all they could do was adopt a passive stance and weather the storm.

At the same time, they had to search for the instigator behind these weather phenomena. No matter who it was, they had to have an objective. Were they trying to defeat the entire federal fleet through these weather phenomena alone? That was clearly impossible.

All of the waterspouts began to converge in a doomsday-like scenario, sweeping up colossal waves that were hundreds of meters tall, all of which crashed viciously against the interconnected fleets.

Many of the smaller ships were completely submerged underwater before resurfacing thanks to their connections with larger ships. As the waterspouts wreaked havoc on the surrounding ocean, all of the members of the fleet could only stay in their cabins and hold onto something firm to steady themselves. Thankfully, all of the cabins had a waterproofing function. Otherwise, they would've been entirely waterlogged by the massive waves already.

This was the power of nature.

Chen Xinjie continued to hover in mid-air, and neither the seawater nor the lightning was able to get close to him. In the face of the ferocious water spouts and gargantuan waves, the interconnected fleets were being thrown around like a small raft, tumbling up and down without any semblance of control.

However, Chen Xinjie could sense that the giant waves were taking the fleet rapidly toward a certain direction. Under such extraordinary conditions, none of the radars were going to be ab

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