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"You're mine! I won't let you leave the Star Luo Empire this time!"

Right at this moment, she suddenly noticed the pendant that Tang Wulin was wearing. This was a shell-shaped platinum scale, and it was very beautiful.

Dai Yun'er reflexively reached out to touch it, only for a large and powerful hand to grab onto her hand, following which she was greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin opening his eyes.

Up close, his eyes were even more beautiful, but they were slightly red and out of focus, and a hint of fear welled up in Dai Yun'er's heart at the sight of them.

"Wh, where am I?" Tang Wulin asked in a strained voice.

The comfort and enhancements brought to him by his cultivation had indeed allowed him to enter a state of deep meditation, but as the side-effects of the wine had begun to appear, the Ice God Bead within the Silver Dragon King scale had begun to release bursts of coolness in retaliation.

However, the wine wasn't poisonous and wasn't going to harm Tang Wulin in any way, so its side-effects were only being repressed to a certain extent.

The feeling of Dai Yun'er's smooth and supple skin on his had caused Tang Wulin to awaken, and he woke up just as she was reaching out to touch his Silver Dragon King scale.

Their eyes met, and Dai Yun'er felt as if goosebumps had appeared all over her entire body, while an indescribable sense of apprehension welled up in her heart.

Her mind went completely blank. How did this happen? Wasn't he supposed to fall completely unconscious after drinking the wine? Why had he woken up?

Tang Wulin's senses began to return to him, and he could feel his blood boiling within his own body. His heart was beating far faster than usual, and an enormous burst of heat was erupting within his body. The near-naked woman beside him struck him with an immense sense of allure.

What's happened to me? How did my self-control become so bad?

Dai Yun'er's mind went completely blank while Tang Wulin felt as if his brain had turned into a pile of mush, leaving him unable to process the current situation.

Only now did Dai Yun'er discover that things weren't as simple as she had imagined. She had thought that all she had to do was get Tang Wulin into her boudoir, and the side-effects of the wine would take care of the rest, just like in the stories that she had read.

However, now that she was facing Tang Wulin, all she wanted was for the ground to open up and swallow her whole.

She was fully willing to give up her body to Tang Wulin, but this was way too awkward and nerve-racking!

What could she do? What could she do? What could she do?

Dai Yun'er was so embarrassed that she felt like she was going to die.

Tang Wulin was also quite disoriented, and it was as if there were flames burning within his eyes.

Everything began to blur in his field of view, including Dai Yun'er's face, and the heat rising up within his body was irrepressible, even for the Ice God Bead,

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