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"Prioritize stealth above all else and make sure we don't get discovered by them," Tang Wulin instructed.

If their submarine were to be discovered by the federal fleet, it would be very likely that the fleet would be struck by a sense of urgency and accelerate toward the Star Luo Empire.

The tenser the situation was, the more important it was to remain calm.

Neither Tang Wulin nor his friends had ever participated in an actual war, and their hearts were racing with adrenalin. In the face of the almighty federal fleet, individual power was completely insignificant. Tang Wulin knew that at a time like this, the most important thing for him was to remain calm as the decisions that he made next were going to affect the entire war.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down as much as he could, then said in an urgent voice, "There are a few things that we must do right now. Firstly, verify that this is indeed a federal fleet and not something like a large pack of sea soul beasts. Secondly, we have to notify the Star Luo Empire of this as quickly as possible so they can make preparations right away. Thirdly, and most importantly, we have to buy time for the Star Luo Empire somehow."

The captain immediately nodded in response. Just as Tang Wulin had said, time was of the essence, and those were the three most important things that they had to do in order to help the Star Luo Empire avert this crisis. However, would they really be able to achieve all three of those objectives?

Tang Wulin continued, "If this really is a federal fleet, is there any way for our submarine to ascertain the exact number of ships in the fleet without being discovered by them?"

The captain shook his head without any hesitation. "Our sonars are quite advanced, but the federation's sonars aren't bad, either, so we'll only be able to conduct surveillance on them from afar. Once we get close enough to ascertain further details about the fleet, they'll definitely be able to detect us and immediately send out their anti-submarine ships to attack us. All federal fleets have groups of anti-submarine gunships that can attack a large area, and it would be very dangerous for us if those gunships were to be deployed."

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as a determined look appeared in his eyes. "Then there's no other way to do this; I'll have to take a look for myself."

He then immediately turned to the Holy Spirit Douluo, who had followed him to the control room, and said, "Mother, I'll have to trouble you to make a trip to the Star Luo Empire. You are the fastest among all of us when it comes to flight, and we'll keep in contact through close-range soul communicators. Once we confirm that this is indeed a federal fleet, we'll notify you right away so you can alert the Star Luo Empire of the situation as soon as possible."

The Holy Spirit Douluo immediately shook her head in response. "You're going to take a look for yourself? No, that's insane! A feder

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