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Harosha had just raised the thin sword in his hand, and all of a sudden, his expression changed slightly as he abruptly rushed over 100 meters off to the side, emerging from the area encompassed by the two streaks of light as if through instantaneous teleportation.

A clash between Limit Douluos was focused more heavily on a battle between domains, so it wasn't as thrilling to watch as Tang Wulin's match against En Ci in the Trial of Five Gods. However, if either side were to fall to a disadvantage, it could quickly result in their death. This was why Harosha had been repressing En Ci the entire time ever since he had first appeared.

A burst of golden light erupted forth, shooting out from the center of the two streaks of golden light. The area encompassed within the two streaks of light was the scope of its attack.

Harosha had rushed out of that area virtually instantaneously, but his cavaliers of death were converging toward En Ci in all directions, and three of them were caught in that area.


A crisp crack rang out, and the three cavaliers of death stiffened at once as a golden crack appeared on each of their bodies. Grey light flashed violently to repress the golden crack, and in the meantime, the three cavaliers were completely immobilized on the spot.

En Ci paid no heed to them as he turned toward another direction before unleashing two streaks of golden light once again.

This was his Holy Radiant Dragon Slash!

The attack appeared to be extremely slow, but in reality, it was imbued with the powers of both light and space. If En Ci had been facing any opponent other than Harosha, there would've been no way for them to escape out of the scope of the attack; they would simply be repelled by the two streaks of golden light as if they were physical walls.

He hadn't used this attack against Tang Wulin as it possessed too much offensive power, and he was worried that it would kill Tang Wulin. Of course, he had no such qualms against the Infernal King Douluo.

The Holy Radiant Dragon Slash was an attack that involved releasing extremely compressed soul power, and he had to take some time to prepare the attack, during which the streaks of golden light were released, but the attack was truly incredibly powerful.

Harosha appraised En Ci with a cold expression, and his aura suddenly underwent a transformation. In the next instant, he abruptly vanished on the spot, and a streak of grey light suddenly appeared in the air right directly above En Ci.

The streak of light extended all the way down to right above En Ci's head, and in the next instant, Harosha reappeared.

En Ci's body swayed as he attempted to use his spatial control to teleport away, but Harosha seemed to have locked onto his body, and he was completely unable to evade the attack.

"Boom!" The two Limit Douluos engaged in their first full-frontal clash.

The golden streaks of light that were extending outward instantly faded, an

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