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Dai Yueyan had been selected by the shrewd Dai Tianling to become the heir to the throne, so he was naturally very intelligent himself, and he immediately realized what his father was implying. "Are you saying it was the Tang Sect?"

Dai Tianling didn't respond, but there was a contemplative look in his eyes.

"Surely that's impossible!" Dai Yueyan's voice spiked up a few octaves as he exclaimed, "The Tang Sect can alter the weather? That storm's focal destructive power can't compare with that of a Godslayer missile, but according to our statistics, if we were to take into account the area it had encompassed, the destructive power output would've been comparable to multiple Godslayer missiles exploding at once! If the Tang Sect had such technology, how did their headquarters get destroyed?"

Dai Tianling seemed to be rather displeased by his son's lack of composure, and he turned to him before replying, "The circumstances surrounding this storm were very suspicious; if it really were a man-made storm, then there's only one possibility. Even if the federation had this technology, it wouldn't use it on itself. The only other alternative would be multiple ultra-powerful sea soul beasts coming together to create such a storm, but sea soul beasts of that caliber have never appeared on our records. Hence, the only reasonable explanation is the Tang Sect."

Dai Yueyan drew a sharp breath upon hearing this. "It's a good thing that the Tang Sect is on our side."

Dai Tianling harrumphed coldly, "They're not on our side; they're siding with the underdogs to try and prevent this war. If we were more powerful than the federation, they would definitely be standing against us."

Dai Yueyan's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. "Father, why is it that a weapon-producing sect doesn't like war?"

Dai Tianling sighed, "This is where the genius of the Tang Sect lies! They're not actually arms producers; they specialize in the research and development of soul technology. Only now do I truly believe that the level of technological advancement of the Tang Sect can compare with the entire federation. The federation's biggest mistake is trying to oppress the Tang Sect."

"Father, I have to go back to oversee the preparations now; I'll make sure that everything is set up as soon as possible."


After waking up from a long slumber, Tang Wulin's entire body was still feeling very numb. This was obviously not a very comfortable feeling, but at the very least, his feebleness had abated significantly.

He inspected his own internal condition to find that a purplish-golden color had appeared over his meridians and bones, and compared to in the past, he seemed to have become thinner. On top of that, the total amount of soul power within his body had also decreased by at least a third. However, this didn't mean that his powers had decreased. Instead, there was now an indescribable sense of density to his soul power.

Having had

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