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As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, he was struck by a pang of guilt. The sea was trying to protect him, yet he was trying to set off an underwater explosion that would undoubtedly kill a large number of marine creatures.

How could he be so selfish as to sacrifice the lives of marine creatures for the sake of minimizing human casualties in this war?

As he was dragging Xie Xie back toward himself, he had already decided to abandon his original plan. He wasn't going to set off an underwater explosion, even if that meant that he wouldn't be able to delay the federal fleet.

Right at this moment, he was struck by a peculiar feeling that seemed to be a rather indistinct spiritual connection. Tang Wulin could only sense indistinct yet boundless spiritual fluctuations converging toward him from all sides, transmitting some basic information to him.

The information transmitted to him by the sea was very simple; all it required was an instruction from Tang Wulin, and it would do everything in its power to help him achieve what he wanted.

Tang Wulin could clearly sense that after the ocean had felt his Sea God aura, it had developed a strong sense of affection toward him, akin to the affection that a child felt toward a parent figure.

Thus, there was even more reason for him to refrain from damaging the marine ecosystem.

Just as he was struggling to come up with an alternative resolution, an image suddenly appeared in his mind, upon which his heart was immediately filled with elation.

Can you do that?Tang Wulin asked with his mind.

The answer he received from the ocean was an affirmative one, and Tang Wulin immediately conveyed his emotions of gratitude toward the sea in response.

This was a massively pleasant surprise, but at the same time, it made him relearn the lesson that he should never resort to taking lives unless there was no other alternative. Prior to forging this connection with the sea, he had almost made a terrible mistake.

A ball of faint blue light came flying rapidly toward him, and a faint smile appeared on his face at the sight of the figure within it.

Thank heavens he had managed to recruit the assistance of the ocean. Otherwise, Xie Xie would've been in massive trouble.

The world around Xie Xie finally stopped spinning, and he was immediately struck by an overwhelming sense of nausea, causing him to dry-retch violently.

Immediately thereafter, he caught sight of Tang Wulin, who was standing before him with faint blue light emanating from his body. He then looked around to find that he was still in the ocean, and that there was nothing around him aside from endless darkness.

There was a blue light barrier around his and Tang Wulin's body that isolated them from the outside world, and Tang Wulin appraised him with a serious expression as he asked, "Do you not value your own life? Do you know what would've happened if you had been captured?"

Xie Xie continued to dr

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