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Dai Tianling's brows furrowed tightly upon hearing this. Yali's refusal to stay had left a very sour taste in his mouth. Even with this Limit Douluo among their ranks, there was no way that Tang Wulin and the others would be able to stall the federal fleet for any meaningful amount of time.

As such, in his eyes, Yali was simply using this excuse to get away from the Star Luo Empire, which was about to be ravaged by war soon.

However, he made no outward display of his displeasure. After all, if Yali hadn't come back all this way to deliver this message to them, he would still be completely oblivious to the massive threat that was looming on the horizon.

"Alright, then I wish you all the best, and please pass on my regards to Sect Master Tang. If we can survive this ordeal, I'll be sure to pay Sect Master Tang a visit in person to deliver a formal apology."

If there were any medicine in this world that could remedy remorse, then he'd down an entire bottle right away! If he hadn't decided to organize that Trial of Five Gods in a moment of hotheaded idiocy, the agreement with the Tang Sect would've been established much earlier, and they would've set everything up by now.

It was exactly because of his inability to swallow his own pride that the entire empire had now been plunged into such a perilous situation. However, remorse wasn't going to do any good in this situation; he had to think of a way to address this dire situation.

Right at this moment, a servant suddenly rushed into the room. "I have a report to make!"

"What is it?" Dai Tianling hurriedly asked.

"Your Majesty, the meteorology department just delivered an emergency report, stating that a storm of a magnitude and intensity that hasn't been seen for over 100 years has suddenly appeared over the western sea. The storm is visible even from the western coast, but instead of approaching the mainland, it seems to be gradually moving further away. The meteorology department has only delivered this report due to the ferocity of the storm, and the abruptness of its emergence."

"The western sea?" Dai Tianling and Yali exclaimed in unison.

The federal fleet was coming from the western sea!

Both of them exchanged a glance, and they each could see their own astonishment mirrored in one another's eyes.

What did such a fearsome storm entail? It entailed that the federal fleet was most likely going to be affected by the storm, thereby buying the Star Luo Empire some more time.

Dai Tianling's expression immediately changed drastically as this thought occurred to him. Just a moment ago, he had been under the impression that Yali was merely using this as an alibi to get away, but his mind had been completely changed.

He had arrived at the conclusion that there had to be an extremely powerful being capable of controlling the weather among the Tang Sect entourage, and that person was stalling the federal fleet for their sake!

"You have my thanks,

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