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Her eyes were even brighter than usual, and a pink blush had appeared on her face to further accentuate her beauty.

She raised her hands and placed them on her own scorching cheeks, then turned around to glance at the canopy behind her as a sense of shame welled up in her heart.

Dai Yun'er, you're such a shameless girl!

Despite what she was thinking, she didn't regret this in the slightest. How was she going to be with him if she didn't do this? She had to conquer his body before conquering his heart!

She hadn't been in contact with Tang Wulin for very long, but she was well aware of just how strong his will and sense of responsibility was. It would virtually be impossible for her to make him fall in love with her through conventional means. His love for Gu Yue was unshakeable, and even though Gu Yue wasn't by his side for some reason, it would still be very difficult for her to convince him to abandon Gu Yue for her.

However, if something were to happen between them, then everything would be different.

She had already thought of many followup tactics that she could, including wheedling and shameless denial of all faults, and that was only the beginning.

Who could've imagined that she would set up such an outrageously expensive and disposable teleportation formation in Tang Wulin's room in the Tang Sect headquarters?

Following the teleportation, the hidden materials of the teleportation formation would completely disappear, leaving behind no traces whatsoever.

Tang Wulin had left the banquet on his own, and he had consumed a lot of wine at the time. With his powers, it wouldn't be a difficult task to sneak into the imperial palace.

The next morning, he would wake up in her boudoir, having already done the deed; there was no way he could explain his way out of this situation!

Hehe, even if I can't be his wife, I wouldn't mind being a concubine.

With his personality, perhaps he would make her his official wife.

As for how he had ended up in here, Dai Yun'er would simply claim that she had no clue, either.

The scouts they had organized in the Tang Sect had witnessed him return to the Tang Sect, yet this was her boudoir; what other explanation could there be?

Dai Yun'er had simulated this plan countless times in her mind and expended an enormous amount of time and effort. She had virtually exhausted her entire private coffer, and aside from her, Dai Tianling was the only one who was aware of this plan.

The most difficult part of the plan to implement was setting up the teleportation formation. This was an extremely complex formation, and it was already being set up during the course of the Trial of Five Gods. In order to avoid detection from Tang Wulin, only a small section was set up each day.

On top of that, she had to ensure that the formation wasn't discovered by the Tang Sect. If it weren't for the fact that she held quite a lofty status in the Tang Sect and had some friends i

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