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"Boss, have you gone insane?" Xie Xie was on the verge of soiling himself at the sight of the ferocious bolts of lightning in the sky. Due to the excessive density of lightning within the dark clouds, they were forming balls of lightning that were intertwining in mid-air. Just by looking at the scene unfolding up above, one could sense the devastating destructive power that was brewing.

"Be quiet. If you're scared, then close your eyes," Tang Wulin said.

He was flying at an extremely fast speed, and in what seemed like the blink of an eye, he had already plunged into the vast expanse of lightning up above.

It's over!

Xie Xie reflexively closed his eyes and waited for himself to be charred to a cinder crisp, but much to his surprise, he wasn't struck by any discomfort at all.

What was happening?

He opened his eyes again to find himself in a bluish-purple world that was so spectacular that he was momentarily entranced.

He discovered that a purple ball of light had appeared around himself and Tang Wulin, and it was as if they were situated in a purple crystal. Outside the purple crystal, waves of lightning were crashing down toward them, but not only was the lightning not able to harm the crystal in the slightest, it was being absorbed.

He then turned to Tang Wulin to find that he had taken a seat with his legs crossed in mid-air. His Golden Dragon King wings were spread open, and there was a hint of elation on his calm face. Eight soul rings, consisting of four blacks, one greenish-golden, and three orange-golden, were revolving around him, and the golden trident symbol on his forehead had become particularly bright.

What was he doing? Xie Xie looked on in a flabbergasted manner.

Finally, he discovered that something was amiss. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the purple ball of light around them was woven from a series of vines. It was just that the vines were being completely illuminated by the lightning strikes, thereby giving it the appearance of a single unbroken crystal.

Was this the Infernal Lightning Vine?

Xie Xie was astonished as this answer occurred to him.

What was Tang Wulin doing? Could it be that he was absorbing his ninth soul ring?

Indeed, that was exactly what Tang Wulin was doing.

The Infernal Lightning Vine had been struck by a sense of elation upon sensing the lightning storm that Tang Wulin had summoned above the ocean, and it immediately urged him to fly into the lightning clouds so it could absorb the enormous energy within the bolts of lightning.

Ever since the Infernal Lightning Vine had become Zhang Geyang's soul spirit, it had constantly been repressed and prohibited from further absorbing lightning in order to prevent self-detonation. However, absorbing lightning was an integral part of the Infernal Lightning Vine's being, so at this moment, it was like a ferocious beast that had starved for countless years and had suddenly caught sight of a delic

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