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However, if they couldn't delay this fleet, then it would reach the Star Luo Empire in no more than two days, and that may not even be enough time for the Star Luo Empire to set up all of the resources and weapons that Tang Wulin had brought to them.

As such, he had to stall this fleet no matter what.

Furthermore, there was another issue for Tang Wulin: he had to stall this fleet without actually damaging it. His ultimate objective was peace, not to harm any side. The soldiers on the federal fleets were also living, breathing humans!

Right at this moment, Long Yuxue suddenly spoke up. "I have an idea."

She had arrived a little after Tang Wulin and his friends, and she had heard the conversation between Tang Wulin and the captain.

Tang Wulin was ecstatic, and he immediately prompted, "Go ahead."

Long Yuxue continued, "If we want to harass the enemy without exposing ourselves, then we have to think outside the box. Our weapons aren't the only things we can rely on; we can make use of some other factors, such as the terrain. For example, in our legion, we've only been able to keep our enemies at bay for all these years by taking advantage of the terrain in the passageways."

The captain's brows furrowed tightly upon hearing this. "But this is the sea; what terrain is there to speak of? Even if we detonate soul missiles in the ocean to cause a temporary tsunami, that'll only affect a fleet of such a massive scale for a short time, and they'll definitely know that it was a man-made tsunami!"

Long Yuxue shook her head in response. "Even the boundless ocean exists as a landmark of the Douluo Star; water has to float on top of something solid, does it not? If we want to create a sufficiently significant disturbance, then our target can't be the seawater or the surface of the sea."

Tang Wulin and the captain exclaimed in unison, "You're talking about the seabed?"

Long Yuxue nodded in response.

Tang Wulin's eyes immediately lit up. "What will happen if we target the seabed with our firepower?"

The captain replied, "That depends on the area that we target. If we only attack a normal area of the seabed, then the most we'll be able to accomplish is trigger a tsunami that'll only last for a short time. However, if we can trigger a seabed earthquake or better yet, set off a seabed volcanic eruption, then the effect would be much more significant."

Tang Wulin asked, "If we set off an underwater volcanic eruption, will that harm the federal fleet?"

The captain replied, "A federal fleet of this scale is definitely going to be well equipped to deal with weather changes. For example, the federal fleet has the ability to connect all of its ships in a short time through soul tools in order to stabilize the entire fleet, so it's most likely going to be very difficult for us to truly damage the fleet. However, if we cause enough of a commotion, then we'll definitely be able to stall them effectively. For example,

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