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That was none other than the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal that he had obtained from Elder Long, except its initial blue color had since turned golden.

There was an indistinct symbol on the surface of the crystal depicting a golden trident, and Tang Wulin focused his spiritual power on that golden symbol.

Right in that instant, Tang Wulin felt a faint buzzing sound ring out in his mind. The sound was very faint, and it seemed to have originated from the golden trident symbol.

As soon as this buzzing sound appeared, Tang Wulin felt as if his mind had been instantly transformed into a turbulent ocean. One golden wave rose up over another, with each successive wave rising higher than the previous one.

On top of that, a projection of himself had appeared in this golden sea that was his mind, and it was like a mirror image of his current situation, where his physical body was also hovering deep within the ocean.

The only thing that was different was that this projection of Tang Wulin had a golden trident symbol on its forehead.

This was the legendary weapon of the Sea God; had it been left to him by his father?

He could clearly recall that Harosha had exclaimed that he possessed the bloodline of a god, and now that he was witnessing the golden trident symbol appear on his own forehead, Tang Wulin's heart was filled with excitement.

This further verified that he really did have a god as a father. Ever since he was a small child, the only father he had known had been Tang Ziran, and Tang Ziran had also treated Tang Wulin as if he were his own flesh and blood. As such, the sudden emergence of this birth father had been rather jarring to him. However, his birth father had saved his foster parents and left him with some of his power even though the Divine Realm was in such a difficult situation; how could Tang Wulin not be touched by his fatherly love?

As a young man, he had never gone through a rebellious phase, and this was precisely because he had experienced far too many things. As a result, he knew that there were many situations that deprived one of the privilege of choice. Even as a god, his birth father had no choice but to abandon him, and this was necessitated by his circumstances, so he had never hated Tang San.

In this moment, as he appraised the golden trident symbol left to him by his birth father, his heart was filled with a profound sense of emotion and longing.

One day, he was going to find them so they could reunite as a family.

Golden light began to radiate from Tang Wulin's body, and the trident symbol on his forehead was giving off an aura of boundless authority. A series of changes began to take place as a result. The immense water pressure weighing down on Tang Wulin suddenly vanished, and as he opened his eyes, he discovered that a barrier of blue light had appeared around him.

What was even more remarkable was that in this deep-sea environment that was clearly devoid of light, he was

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